New look, same mission

Notice a change?

On Tuesday, the Clinton Herald debuted a new look.

New fonts and an updated layout design greeted readers that day when they retrieved their newspapers from their front doorsteps or mailboxes.

So far, we have received good feedback about the change, which is something we do every few years to update our look. Around that same time, we often add new elements. We recently have done that as well with the daily addition of a community calendar of events on Page 2A and the Today in History roundup on page 4A.

We also have added more weekend coverage, which is first posted at and then published in our Tuesday print edition.

So while our look has changed, our overall goal continues to remain – to cover as much of our local community as possible. That means reporters at city, school board and county meetings who let you know, in a credible manner, how those entities spend your money and how your neighborhoods will be affected.

They also cover your celebratory events, which businesses or organizations are reaching a milestone and the achievements of your neighbors. A big thank you goes out to those who continue to contact us with information about their upcoming events and story ideas, which help us to fulfill that goal.

Thank you, also, to our readers for putting your trust in us as we carry out that mission.