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We the undersigned members of the Clinton Police Protective Association would like to express our support of Deputy Chief Bill Greenwalt for Clinton County Sheriff.

It is odd to recommend a member of your chain of command for another job and risk losing his mentoring and leadership. In this case, Deputy Chief Greenwalt has served his city for 30 years and is passionate about taking his experience to serve broader communities of Clinton County.

Each member who has signed this letter has benefited from the leadership of Bill Greenwalt, either as a direct supervisor or as a member of the Command Staff. Leadership and management experience do not differ from municipal olice agencies and sheriff’s offices. You need a trusted leader with the experience to make hard decisions that affect employees from the bottom to the top and protect county assets. As Deputy Chief of a mid-size agency, Bill Greenwalt does this on a daily basis and has been in an (executive) police position for a longer time in his career than his opponent.

The sheriff’s office is full of competent deputies to patrol the streets, solve crime, run the jail, and serve civil paperwork. What this election will give them is an experienced leader to prepare the sheriff’s office for the future and direct county law enforcement through rapidly changing policing methods, advanced technologies, and evolving relationships within the communities of the county. This is where Bill Greenwalt’s experience will pay off.

Members of the Clinton Police Association, have worked directly with and for Deputy Chief Greenwalt for the past 30 years. Every day we benefit from his helpfulness and leadership. Please join us in supporting Bill Greenwalt for the Clinton County Sheriff.

Joe Raaymakers

Pat Cullen

Matt Lorenzen

John Davis

Jon Melvin

Dean Ottens

Tony Stone

Brett Simmons

Brett Schwandt

Casey Newmarch

Shane Haskell

Mike Adney

Dan Sager

Roger Schumacher

Kris Blount

Luke Bray

Brennen Roling

Brett Johnson

Rod Livesay

Josh Winter

Alex Dodd

Sean Patterson

Ryan Livesay

Jaci Mulholland

Kelsey Stoddard