Open App Markets Act would be a Christmas gift to innovators, Iowa’s economy

As a proud Iowan, I deeply value our patriotic ideals of freedom, individual liberty, and a robust economic prosperity that empowers people to pursue their American Dream.

In Iowa, that American dream has become a reality for many. We lead the nation in agriculture, manufacturing, and business. People have utilized our low tax system and fair marketplace practices to build strong businesses and create legacies that create a stronger future for their kids and grandkids.

In more recent years, our state has become a leader in technology, an industry that accounts for nearly $10.7 billion of our GDP. Our growing technology industry provides opportunities for everyone – tech gurus in cities, farmers in rural areas with cutting-edge app ideas, and teenagers who are more comfortable with a phone than you or I will ever be.

This industry has created abundant opportunity for career creation and economic growth, so it is more important than ever to ensure a fair and competitive app marketplace. In August, a bipartisan group of U.S. representatives introduced the Open App Markets Act, a bill to create a freer, fairer, and more competitive digital arena.

This bill matters to Iowa. Right now, big tech companies have processes in place that make it difficult to grow an app-based business. For example, Apple charges a 30 percent fee from app developers every time consumers download their app. Business is business, and fees will never go away, but it is time to level the playing field and create a system that empowers everybody.

Senator Grassley has been a long-time supporter of small businesses and marketplace fairness. His sponsorship of this legislation would be a Christmas gift to our state’s developers and a shot in the arm for our economy. I urge him to take this step and protect innovators in Iowa.

Dan Smicker, Clinton

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