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Re-elect Determann to Board of Supervisors

As any elected official, Tom Determann is and has been involved in many aspects of the community and gives generously of his time.

He has earned the right to seek your vote for a second term as a Supervisor for Clinton County in the election on Nov. 3.

As the former president of Determann Industries, he is well known throughout the county, working with officials in cities, towns and the county itself in building and rebuilding the asphalt roadways that serve the Clinton County motorists.

He has worked diligently with the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, the Clinton Regional Development Corporation, the Iowa/Illinois Highway Partnership, the Clinton Airport Commission and as a Clinton city councilman along with being an active member of the Clinton Rotary Club for 25 years.

He has been an advocate in taking Clinton’s highway needs before the Iowa Department of Transportation, championing Clinton’s needs with Iowa’s elected officials in Washington, D.C., and Clinton’s elected officials in Des Moines.

Tom’s yard signs promoting his re-election to the County Board of Supervisors advance the call for tax management and possible lower taxes for Clinton County residents.

Many times Clinton County residents will find Tom casting the lone vote against issues that he believes will inordinately raise taxes or will not be an efficient use of the tax dollars of Clinton County residents.

Clinton County has an outstanding person currently serving its citizens. He has and is working hard for Clinton County residents and would appreciate your vote to serve you for another four years as a member of the Board of Supervisors. Stay with a proven candidate: You need to re-elect Tom Determann.

Ron McGauvran, Clinton

Determann is strong voice for Clinton County

While Tom Determann was still in private industry and before he became an elected official, I remember attending meetings with him in Des Moines.

At that time he was advocating for the growth and well-being of Clinton County, an activity which he continues to this day. Although he has always been a strong voice for us, electing him Clinton County Supervisor four years ago has added to his effectiveness in the legislative setting.

His business background provides a wide range of contacts on various state organizations. Statewide, Determann serves in leadership positions in the Association of Business and Industry, the Iowa Department of Transportation Freight Council and as U.S. Highway 30 Coalition vice president.

Closer to home, he is past chairman of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation and the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, serving each organization over 30 years.

As Clinton County Supervisor, Determann has exhibited fiscal responsibility over our taxpayer money, monitoring expenses as carefully as he did when the money belonged to his own company. This has resulted in a tax reduction of 50 cents per $1,000 of tax valuation for Clinton County homeowners.

Because of his dedication to Clinton County and his demonstrated fiscal responsibility, Tom Determann has earned 4 more years as a Supervisor. I will be voting again for Determann and I hope you will, too.

Carolyn Grimes, Clinton

Greenwalt, Brown are best for county offices

Clinton County voters have a wonderful opportunity this November to elect two fine men to county government.

Bill Greenwalt is running for sheriff and Mike Brown is running for a seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Although running on opposite tickets, these two share many of the same traits that make them extremely qualified for the respective positions. Both men have proven their leadership skills in public safety in Clinton — Bill serving as deputy chief of the Clinton Police Department and Mike as a retired chief of the Clinton Fire Department.

Bill Greenwalt has law enforcement in his blood, having grown up with a father who served as a sheriff’s deputy. Bill entered the profession at an early age and has advanced throughout his career to his current position. He has experience in many phases of law enforcement and will be an excellent sheriff in Clinton County.

Mike started with the Clinton Fire Department in 1987 and with hard work and dedication, rose through the ranks to become fire marshal and eventually chief of the department. He and his wife, Mary, both share a passion for public service.

Both men have strong ties to the community and Clinton County and will continue their hard work in their new positions. I feel that we are fortunate to have two such qualified candidates, and my wife and I will be splitting our ticket this year to vote for both of these gentlemen.

I encourage you all to take the politics out of this election and vote for two great candidates.

Harvey Evers, Clinton

Determann keeps taxpayers in mind, deserves re-election

Tom Determann is just finishing up his first four years as your Clinton County Supervisor and should be re-elected for four more years.

Tom knows an enormous number of people in Clinton County. He is approachable, friendly, a good listener and he doesn’t mind giving out his cell phone number so that residents can contact him regarding their concerns and ideas.

He is one of those people who eats, sleeps and thinks about how to advance our county and Eastern Iowa all the time. Tom’s knowledge of government comes from his perspective as a businessman, three years as a city councilman and today a county Supervisor.

He knows where public sector money comes from: Jobs. He works tireless to seek all levels of jobs for everyone. As past president of the Chamber and the Clinton Regional Development Corporation, he understands how to attract business and most importantly more jobs. This is a very good reason for re-electing Tom as a Supervisor on Nov. 3.

He is a positive force for bringing new jobs to Clinton County. Tom’s pledge is no new taxes. He understands the need for taxes to maintain county government but he will spend the money very wisely. This frugality is obvious by his record on the Clinton City Council and his past four years as Supervisor.

Always, everyone is aware of his pledge and when issues come before the Supervisors this type of attitude is extremely important for the wise use of taxpayer dollars. He is not a tax-and-spend person. This attitude has definitely saved money for the citizens of Clinton County.

In regard to Highway 30, I think Tom was born with a tattoo that says, “Four Lane Highway 30”. He has tirelessly worked on transportation. This commitment has brought over $100 million to eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Every month he goes to the Iowa DOT commission meeting. He works well with all of the commissioners. Tom has a working relationship with all of the state legislators and the Governor. He also is one of the few in the state who has traveled to Washington, D.C., 20 times. Tom keeps this county in front of our federal legislators.

Tom Determann is a life-long asset to all of us in Clinton County and electing him as a County Supervisor on Nov. 3 is a positive move for our future.

David A. Rose, Clinton

Why I am voting for Steve Diesch for sheriff

Steve Diesch and his family have been customers of mine for over 25 years and his honesty and integrity are without question, but that is not why I am writing. I would like to relate a story about Steve. A couple years ago I was on a extended canoe trip in Florida and towards the end of the trip the Manatee County Sheriffs Department decided I was “missing”.

They called my wife and after a good 20 minutes of questions about me and my behavior, her whereabouts, etc. they hung up. Shortly afterward, two Clinton County deputies came to the house and it all started over again.

After i got back home I was telling Steve about all this and he just laughed and said, “If this ever happens again just tell your wife to have the authorities contact me personally and I will confirm that you do dumb things.” So you can see why I will be voting for Steve. Not only is he extremely qualified for the job, I am still young enough to do “dumb” things.

David Hogreve, Low Moor

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