Each year in September, the Clinton Herald publishes what is known as its Progress editions on four Saturdays of the month.

The theme varies from year to year, but the general idea is the same — to showcase the wonderful aspects of Clinton and surrounding towns.

Sometimes the sections feature brick-and-mortar changes that have occurred the previous year; sometimes the sections have focused on the people of the Gateway area. This year, both of those ideas have been combined. We took a close look at the many new projects under way and then focused not only on the projects but the people who are playing a major role in the development.

The first progress edition of 2007 will be inserted in Saturday’s Clinton Herald. With a title of “Breaking Ground,” the section will showcase many new building projects in the area. In the following weeks, the sections will focus on serving others, living well and looking into the future.

It was a busy few months in the Herald newsroom as we prepared these sections by writing stories and assembling the pages. We hope our readers enjoy the end result and that these sections will serve to show that Clinton and its surrounding towns have a lot to offer and more exciting growth in the works.