Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

This letter is response to an article on the front page of the Clinton Herald a few days ago regarding the Camanche School Board's consideration of changing the name of their mascot.

Some time after I moved to Camanche in first grade, I remember asking an adult (not sure if it was a teacher, librarian, or another adult at the school) why we were called the Camanche Indians. I was told that Indians were an immensely proud, loyal, and dedicated people. These are qualities our school district hopes the students who attend here will adopt and exemplify in their lives. They always stayed true to their beliefs and their dreams. I was not told we are the Indians because white people are superior and an Indian would make a cool mascot.

I remember a cheer, "We are the Indians, the mighty, mighty Indians. Every where we go, people what to know, who we are, so we tell them, we are the Indians." We recited these words with pride. We felt mighty, and I believe that strength came from the Native Americans our mascot was named after.

I am proud to have graduated from Camanche High School, Class of 1977. I marched with the Camanche High School Band as an Indian Princess twirler. That was one of the proudest highlights of my high school career.

Even if the name is changed, I will forever be a Camanche Indian, proud, loyal, and dedicated to my dreams.

Jean Seiler Bormann,


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