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This election, I’m supporting the candidate that I know is the perfect fit for the 2nd District of Iowa, Rita Hart. I know that we can always count on her to do the right thing.

Rita Hart grew up on a dairy farm, worked for 20 years as a teacher in rural schools, and owns and operates a soybean farm in Wheatland, here in Clinton County, with her husband Paul. She understands the challenges facing our rural communities right now. Farm incomes have been on the decline, and policies from Washington have only made it worse. Then the pandemic hit and then the derecho, and our farms were left in the dust.

One of Rita’s top priorities once in Congress is to do everything she can to get people and businesses hurt by the coronavirus epidemic back on their feet and safely back to work. Rita will work across the aisle to get farmers the relief they deserve and will make sure Iowans get the protective equipment they need to keep our supply chain going.

I am excited to vote for someone who understands the gravity of the situation we are in and knows the right solutions to make sure Iowans are able to be safe and healthy in these difficult times. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Rita Hart to represent us.

Mark F.  Massey,


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