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Reader pleads with Fulton council to vote down cannabis sales

To members of the Fulton City Council:

Much has already been said and written about both the societal and community aspects of cannabis; however, I have not heard anything from the Fulton area about the many negative medical effects. These need to be researched and read about to fully understand their effects before giving a ruling by the council.

Unfortunately, my research paper on this has vanished, as Marley’s ghost did too! The well-researched article was written by a team of doctors from a leading hospital on the East Coast. However, I do remember the basic premise. The article stated that cannabis has caused mental illnesses of various types, most notably schizophrenia, with the suicide rate being much higher for those that used it.

Their statistics and conclusions were backed extensively and were extremely alarming. I wonder why any community would want to permit this life altering drug into its area?

Also William Bennett, the former federal secretary of education, did a comprehensive nationwide study on the harmful effects of the casual use of cannabis by the young. The study showed a shocking result of lowering the I.Q. of the youths by 10 points. Do you want to do this to the young of the community?

Much of the community here is against having “store front” access to purchase cannabis. The federal government already has regulatory rules for doctors and pharmacists about medical uses of this drug. They also must abide by the ethics and disciplines guarding against misuse. The doctors are enforcing the arm of the federal government’s safe guarding against the misuses of substances. Will a local store front distribution point duplicate the doctors?

One wonders if some council members have forgotten his or her footprint to protect the citizens here. Are ill-gotten revenues their foremost concern? What has happened to our moral, social values along with the continuing goals of common good of our humanity by the council?

Taxing authorities will benefit from local government legislation. This should never be the goal post in reaching a reasonable, desired public policy. For financial gain alone, this is as preposterous as many other government programs are. Those of you that are for this are considering only the limited revenue gains. The societal losses of Fulton’s area community along with future medical expenses for individuals later will be without limits.

I see a vote for passing this as the beginning of an irreversible downward spiral.

Personally I know from my sister in Denver what has happened there. Nearly every green knoll there is now covered with endless tents and unsightly debris. The youngsters had bought bus tickets to the city. Bought their allotted quotas of cannabis. Then had no money or desire to return home.

If the vote for the drug usage passes, I predict we will also have the public green spaces along the Mississippi River lined with tents and clutter. Personally, in the foreseen future, those of us that fought for rebirth of the Drives Building will also be looking out to endless tents and unsightly waste.

Council, please help the citizens here avoid all the many known snares of drug usage by voting proudly against this ill-thought-out idea. Again educate yourself about the unlimited negative effects of this ensnaring drug.

Arlene Rose-Considine, Fulton, Ill.