Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

Reader: Proposed road is a bad idea

Goodbye tranquility! When I read the June 3, Clinton Herald, I saw that a two-lane road is being proposed along the levee from Ninth Avenue North to Main Avenue. This stretch of the levee is peaceful. A road will change that for the people who use the bike trail.

Goodbye critters! I doubt the wildlife will stay in the area with the new traffic. I have seen deer, fox, raccoons, turtles, frogs, wild turkey, beavers, and many birds while walking this stretch of the levee.

Goodbye safety! Families bring their little children to walk or bike along the trail. A road will require closer supervision for the families so their little ones won’t run into traffic.

If traffic automatically brings customers, why aren’t there bustling crowds of people walking on the downtown Fifth Avenue sidewalks?

Mark Jorgensen, Clinton

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