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The City of Clinton needs younger folks to step forward and become involved in city government. While I appreciate the fact that we have had someone new toss his hat in the ring for mayor of Clinton, I do not believe that jumping into the deep end of the pool before learning to swim is a good idea.

Young folks need to get involved in the community: Chamber, Economic Development Bureau or the many committees that the city has. The city has a $20 million budget that must operate very efficiently because it is taxpayer money and we all demand that.

Finally, even though the position of mayor is not full time, it does require many hours a week beyond the Tuesday night meetings and does require many full days of travel to meet with local, state and federal officials. It is very difficult to be a mayor and hold another full-time job.

There is a learning curve in city government as with any other elected office or position. Clinton is at a pivotal point and progressing in a positive direction in regard to budget, infrastructure, crime reduction and improving the look of the city. This is not the time to take our foot off of the gas and elect a mayor-in-training.

Mayor Vulich has paid his dues as a council person for two terms and as our mayor for the last two terms. He has proven his dedication to the betterment of our community and has the experience and knowledge that Clinton needs at this time. Please join me in re-electing Mayor Mark Vulich.

Nola Fanger,