What has happened to common sense? 27th Avenue North is not a pick up and drop off zone for the children.  

This is a dangerous situation, it is not merely a short time parking according to Roger Winterlin. 

The area has been designated a biking path, a new side walk is in place to allow kids to safely walk to school, the last thing we need is more traffic. 

Opening the gates in the morning and afternoon is ludicrous — 27th Avenue North is not made to accept the beating of heavy traffic. We are just waiting for a child to get hit by a car, I can tell you if you are on our street you would know this is a safety issue.

What once was a peaceful quiet dead end street is no longer. We cannot even get our mail at times because of the congestion and blocking our mailbox. This parking of the parents on 13th Street and 27th Avenue is out of control. Why can they not use the normal route? They are too lazy that is why.

I would certainly hope that the city's traffic safety committee will think about what is best for the children and not the parents. Of course we have not been notified of the possibility of opening the gates on 27th Avenue North....we are the last to know anything.  

This was designated as an emergency exit and entrance and that is how it should stay for the safety of the kids walking to and from school.

Merlyn Law,