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I had placed Trump/Pence signs in my yard to represent my belief on what direction our country should take.

About a week later, I found they were missing from my yard. I stopped in at the Iowa Republican office in Clinton to get more signs. I was able to get replacements but was told running low on them because of a rash of them being stolen, as mine were.

This was reinforced by my two brothers who also live in Clinton County as theirs, along with several of their neighbors', were also stolen from their yards. Plus several people I talked to with large signs on steel fence posts had their signs vandalized with spray paint.

I realize that the signs had very little monetary value but they did represent my and others' right to free speech and our expression of that right. Evidently the liberal left also feel we have that right but only if we agree with them.

They use the dark of night to steal and vandalize and take that right away from others. It might be my opinion only but if they cowardly sneak around in the dark to steal and vandalize with the attempt to silence anyone who does not believe as they do, they would not think twice to steal my vote, using any or all fraudulent means, such as non-verified mass mailing of election ballots to change election results and create concerns for the validity of an election.

Dennis Hall,