Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

It's truly a historic day when I agree with a headline from Rich Lowry. The headline of his column on Feb. 18 of "Washington D.C. shouldn't be an armed camp" is spot on.

However the context of his column is where he and I differ. He bemoans the sight of, I respond with the reason why. Our Capitol in Washington D.C. was at one time believed to be one of the most secure and most visitor friendly of all federal buildings in the country. After all, it is "The People's House".

After all the video that was taken on Jan. 6, from the Trump rally to the battle on the Capitol's steps to the mayhem inside of the Capitol and its temporary occupancy by seditionists, if you still cannot understand why our nation's Capitol looks like an armed encampment, then you, too, are guilty of spreading and believing the "Big Lie" that whipped up, called on and urged on that murderous mob.

Joel Butz, Clinton


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