I entered the nursing profession in 1962 with the desire to work with children who were paralyzed from polio. Instead, I worked most of my career as a school nurse and an emergency room nurse.

During that time, I saw many modern miracles, including the polio vaccine; the measles vaccine, resulting in preventing birth defects; and medications to treat HIV, reducing it from a death warrant. There have been many other virus scares, such as SARS, MERS, swine flu and H1N1. All of these were caused by a virus.

Now we are experiencing COVID, a highly potent virus. And yes, we have a modern miracle, Scientists doing research for years in expectation of a possible epidemic or pandemic have perfected vaccines available from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson.

There are a few people who because of health conditions cannot receive it. The rest of us can stop the virus.

Instead we have such a low vaccination rate, around 50%, leaving 50% not vaccinated, an estimation because it varies from county to county. Regardless, it's not enough to stop this potent virus that seems like it is out to kill the human race. COVID mutates as it attempts to do its dirty work. Now delta!

Unless we stop COVID in its tracks, there will be more and more mutations.

The answer is to have a much greater number vaccinated soon.

Let me ask you: What would your life be like now if 50% had not stepped up and rolled up their sleeves? Would you have a job? Would you have food in the grocery store? Would you be able to leave your home?

If we are going to stop this, we must think of each other and not just ourselves.

Take advantage of the miracle. Listen to the truth, not the skeptics.

This is a matter of life and death for people we known and love.

Jean Morgan, retired MercyOne emergency room nurse,


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