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A leader is responsible for growing his or her replacement. In many of the leadership classes I have attended, this was a constant theme. In that vein, knowing I was going to retire after this term ends, I followed that advice.

Steve Diesch was selected by me to be my chief deputy, the second in command to the sheriff. Diesch has held this position for over three years. I have groomed Steve in the art of budgets, hiring, grants, the contracts we have with our 11 smaller communities, promotions and terminations, civil process, court security, and mental and substance abuse transport orders. He has attended 911, Communications and Emergency Management meetings.

At first, Diesch would ask me, “How do you know all of this?” My response was that I was taught by my leader and that I was now passing this knowledge on to him. In those three years, Diesch has grown into a leader in his own right, absorbing the knowledge necessary to be the next sheriff of Clinton County.

The voters are going to “hire” the next sheriff. When I hire someone, I learn as much about them as I can through testing, interviews and background checks. Then I select the person that scores the best. For a seamless transition from my 20-year administration to the next one, voters should take into serious consideration which candidate has the qualities and knowledge to be “hired” to lead the sheriff’s office for the next four years.

Chief Deputy Diesch has 23 years of combined experience in the jail operations, patrol and administration at the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. Operating the jail is the biggest responsibility a sheriff has every day. Only one candidate has this experience.

Please vote for Steve Diesch for Clinton County sheriff.

Rick Lincoln, Clinton County Sheriff