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Nine days from now, we will be celebrating what no doubt will be a Thanksgiving to remember.

That’s because extended family members are discouraged from getting together to celebrate, an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus. And if we listen to what the medical community is telling us to do, many of us will be giving thanks with a much smaller group than we are used to on this annual holiday.

As of Monday, Clinton County’s case numbers were at 2,651 positive cases since the outbreak began in March, with a positivity rate of 29.5% – up from a 14.9% positivity rate earlier this month.

As a result, health officials are pleading with residents to practice frequent handwashing, social distancing – this year, gatherings should only be among those who live together, with maybe a telephone call or a Zoom meeting bringing us together with other loved ones – and to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask is particularly important, because while we have been told that wearing one protects others from getting the virus from us, research is showing that wearing a mask can help protect you from getting coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

Cloth masks block virus particles exhaled by the wearer and block incoming infectious droplets from others, the CDC says in its new guidance. The CDC says that when officials tell people to wear masks, infections and deaths fell significantly.

Look, we know virus fatigue is a real thing – we all are tired of being told to mask up, social distance and wash our hands. We are tired of seeing the case numbers and the fear level go up. And those that are not fearful are tired of being told they should be on high alert.

But we are convinced it is taking steps like this that are important to curb the spread, lower the case count, take strain off the health care system and protect each other until a vaccine is found to be successful.

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