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While the presidential and congressional elections this year may determine whether we will restore and enhance our rights to equality or continue on a path to destroy our democracy, our county offices are also extremely important to our way of life, two in particular.

First, it’s time for change on Clinton County’s Board of Supervisors. Mike Brown will be a well-rounded Supervisor, interested in every facet of making Clinton County as well as the city of Clinton an even better place to work and live.

While Mr. Determann has many years of experience and connections at the state level, he seems to be a one-issue candidate, always touting “lower taxes” as his priority. Mike has devoted 31 years to the Clinton Fire Department, recently retiring as chief.

Mike understands the importance of the cost of effectively and efficiently managing primary services and improvements to a community, that the source of funding those services comes from taxes paid by residents and businesses of that city or county, and that those taxes must be in line with what those residents and businesses can afford – not so little that the services and improvements are inadequate, yet not so much that they overburden the taxpayers.

As a former City Council member, I know Mike works well with others, his department, the council, the community – and will do the same on a county and state level.

Second, some positions require prior experience from day one. There will be no time for on-the-job training in the county sheriff’s position. The positions of city policing and county sheriff are similar, but very different.

The sheriff’s department is responsible for 11 contract towns and 700 square miles of county rural area. The Clinton Police Department is responsible for the city and its surrounding area. Both law enforcement departments work together when needed.

Steve Diesch has had 23 years with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, with experience in virtually every position, including jail management. He has been chief deputy since 2017, responsible for 57 employees and $5.2 million budget.

In addition, Steve filled a large role in the construction and transition to the new Clinton County Law Center and Jail. My choice for the sheriff’s position is Steve Diesch.

This in no way denigrates Bill Greenwalt. I’ve known Bill for many years, and through his career with the CPD as I have been a member of the Citizen Police Academy and Alumni Association since it began. Bill knows city policing from A to Z. As another letter-writer stated a few weeks ago, the ideal law enforcement situation for Clinton County and the city of Clinton together would be, if and when his time comes, Bill would become the city’s Chief of Police.

Last but not least, everyone get out and vote if you haven’t already, at the auditor’s office or on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Our votes on this Election Day will determine not just our future, but our children and grandchildren’s lives in years ahead.

Bev Hermann, Clinton

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