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In the last five years I have watched HeroBX Biodiesel in Clinton grow and spur economic growth in the Clinton community. HeroBx Biodiesel supports over 30 jobs, but that is just the beginning.

Those 30 families live in, educate their children in, and shop in our community, which supports a variety of small businesses. This plant also supports our local farmers by providing a market for the corn and beans they grow.

HeroBx Biodiesel is just one of over 50 biofuel plants across Iowa and all have a similar story to share. This adds up to an immense statewide impact.

In the past year, between the COVID-19 pandemic, derecho storm, and trade disputes, Iowa’s economy has hit some hard times. Now is the time to build our economy through boosting market demand for our commodities like corn, soybeans, ethanol, and biodiesel.

The Iowa Biofuel Standards legislation, HSB 185/SF 549, would do exactly that. These bills would establish an E10 standard for gasoline fuel and B11 standard for diesel fuel in Iowa, creating stable demand for Iowa-grown corn and soybeans, which ethanol and biodiesel are made from.

Over the next five years, the Iowa Biofuel Standards will support 3,500 new jobs and add $550 million to Iowa household income, providing a much-needed boost to Iowa’s economy. Let us take control of our economic future here in Iowa by building stable local demand for our home-grown products. Stand for Iowa and support the Iowa Biofuel Standards.

Russell Raab, Clinton

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