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Support Maddasion for mayor

I’m voting for Scott Maddasion for mayor and I’d like to share why.

I’m not related to nor am I socially connected to Scott. I strongly believe integrity in character counts for elected officials. Since there is no qualifying degree to attain for a government office position, all we have to determine for the best candidate choice is their character.

I did my homework about this candidate and find Scott is not only educated, cheerful, approachable and has given his service to our country in the military, but that his background and lineage are steeped in caregiving. His wife and mother are both respected members in the healthcare industry. His father is a craftsman who knows how to use his hands and intellect to create master products. After successfully serving our country, Scott became a loan officer helping folks with their financial needs. Service to others and intelligence are two important character traits I could readily determine he personifies.

I share this information since I believe what creates character is where and who you come from, associate with and what path you choose in life. I find Scott to be bright, thoughtful, eager, and energetic with no hint of self-importance or pettiness.

I believe he is just what our community needs today.

Scott knows the job description of mayor under our Home Rule Charter and is fully equipped and ready to serve our city. Won’t you join me, our family and our friends by voting for Scott Maddasion for mayor of Clinton?

Jennifer Graf, Clinton