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We are members of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. As members, we understand the responsibilities, challenges, and qualifications that it takes to run the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office in the most effective manner. With this in mind, we fully support Chief Deputy Steve Diesch as the next Clinton County sheriff.

Steve has 23 years of experience with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to being hired, Steve dedicated 5 years of his time volunteering as a reserve deputy to serve Clinton County. Steve has worked as a jail deputy, patrol deputy, assistant jail administrator, and chief deputy. Steve served many years on patrol in Clinton County, where he was also a field training officer.

He shared his knowledge with new deputies, teaching the importance of positive interactions, service, and respect. Most recently, Steve oversaw the construction of the new jail facility from design to completion. He considered the opinions and advice of those working in the facility to work together to ensure a jail that best served the county’s needs. As chief deputy, Steve has pushed to ensure we have the equipment we need, including body worn cameras. He has done this while keeping the budget and taxpayer money in mind, recently returning $500,000 from last year’s budget.

Steve has confidence in the training and individual expertise of his people, supporting us in our work. Many times, we have turned around on calls or incidents and Steve is there in the trenches with us. He is willing to listen to differing opinions and welcomes new ideas to best serve the sheriff’s office as a whole. While he supports us, he makes us better by holding us to a higher standard.

Steve leads with integrity in his career and personal life and expects the same of us. Outside of work, Steve has helped many of us through life events. He is always willing to lend a hand without the expectation of something in return.

Working in the jail and serving Clinton County, we know the importance of jail operations knowledge and customer service. Steve stands apart as a candidate for Clinton County sheriff in both of these aspects. His character, integrity, relevant experience, and dedication to Clinton County makes Steve Diesch the best candidate, and we would be honored to continue to serve Clinton County under his leadership. Please join us in supporting Steve Diesch for Clinton County sheriff!

These opinions and experiences are our own and do not represent our employer.

Sergeant Scott Reyhons

Deputy Jeff Ernst

Deputy Cole Hamilton

Deputy Mark Mahmens

Deputy Zach Lange

Deputy Brandon VanBlaricome

Deputy Jake Dever

Deputy Adam Wojciechowski

Deputy Michael Peters

Deputy Marissa Mussmann

Secretary Kim Voda

Secretary Karen Jess-Jungen

Correctional Officer Bryan McClimon

Correctional Officer Jaimie Storjohann

Correctional Officer Ciera Marweg

Correctional Officer Scott Hubble

Correctional Officer Toby Wilke

Correctional Officer Colton Jones