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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, it’s the perfect time to load up the family and take a road trip to see fall in all its splendor.

Each week, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources releases a fall leaf color report and it is predicting a beautiful weekend for viewing.

It says color is peaking in central Iowa. There is still yellow appearing on walnut, ash, and cottonwood and the oaks are just starting to change into reds and purple. Hard maple and white ash trees are at their peak.

In South Central Iowa, motorists can view the reds and oranges in hard maple and bright yellow on walnut, bitternut hickory, silver maple, and cottonwood. Oaks are starting to turn and are gradients of red, tan, and purple, too.

And in southeast Iowa, the forested landscape is showing lots of yellows (hickory, walnut, silver maple, sugar maple) with a mix of green, purple, brown, and reds starting to show from the oaks. Peak season is arriving fast in this area, the report says.

Fall is an especially beautiful time in the Gateway area as leaves on the trees turn vibrant hues of gold, orange and red. In this time when socially distanced activities are still being encouraged, now is the perfect time to take in the sights, whether it be a short afternoon drive or a day spent checking out what our area has to offer.

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