Thanks to all for successful 4th of July festival

On behalf of the Clinton 4th of July Festival, allow me to thank all of the people and organizations that made this event possible.

The 2019 Festival was possible only because of the generous contributions and donations from area businesses and many individuals. Of special note are the City of Clinton and Billion Auto, our major donors whose support made this year’s event possible. Thank the supporting businesses when you visit their offices or stores and mention your appreciation for their support. There are too many individual donors to name, but your financial help was very much appreciated.

We are very grateful to the many individuals and groups that gave of their time and energy to volunteer supervising events, staffing the parade, cleaning up trash, setting up and taking down tables and chairs. A complete list of all that you did and all those involved is not possible in this limited space, but we extend a thank you to each of you. A special thank you to Tim Clark and family for snow-cone duty and to our parade organizers, creating order out of a busy situation. An apology is due to our parade dignitaries for the confusion in providing rides. Every year provides a learning experience for us.

A special thank you is due to our professionals with the Clinton Police and Fire departments and to the Parks and Recreation Department. We are fortunate to have the quality of service and personnel to handle a variety of unanticipated situations and to provide a firm and guiding hand to the chairman of this event. We are also grateful to our partnerships with Finally Fridays, the Gateway Area Community Center, and the Clinton LumberKings for their assistance working together to make this event successful.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the thousands of patrons of this year’s event, your patience during delays, your help in cleaning up, and making our volunteers' efforts worthwhile. It continues to amaze me that on a hot day, thousands of people can maintain the level of civility, kindness and friendliness during this event. I was even able to learn about an unplanned game being played in the park. One of the participants explained its Viking origins, using the skulls and bones of defeat foes. I quickly thank him for the information and kept moving.

During each of the past eight years of this Festival, many acts stands out in my mind. This year two acts in quick succession at the end of the day stood out. A young clean-up volunteer had a wheeled device that I asked about. He called it a “ripstick” and he offered to let me try. I begged off citing age, rather than a total lack of aptitude. A second action was a young man helping to put away a heavy portable stage. He looked right at me and asked for some muscle to help him. My ego stoked, I walked over to help, along with several other, younger, more able individuals, loading the stage onto a truck. Many hands, making work light, seemed to be a theme to these festivals. Many hands are needed each year to plan and organize, in addition to help on the day of the festival. Bring your age (young or old), your aptitude and muscle to help plan the celebration of July 4th next year.

See all of you in 2020.

David Helscher, 2019 Chairman

Clinton 4th of July Festival, Inc.