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As a way of greeting, hugs spread a warmth that goes beyond words. And in a year of social distancing, one of the things we hear most often is how people miss hugging their loved ones.

Coincidentally, the Clinton Herald over the past several years has spearheaded a campaign, with the assistance of other community agencies, to collect hats, undergarments, gloves and scarves – HUGS – to be distributed to children and teens in our community.

This was a special year for our campaign, with overwhelming support. People actually made hats and donated them to us. One giver bought over 80 pairs of fuzzy socks for donation and another brought in a whole bag of CarHartt socks. We also received much-need donations for the older kids in middle and high school.

With this year’s pandemic casting a long and dark shadow over 2020, those who gave to HUGS shined a light with their overwhelming and much-appreciated donations.

Thank you! We truly have a wonderful community!

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