Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

Vaccinations will help keep America great

There is no reason for not getting vaccinated unless one’s doctor says they should not. Anti-vaccine narratives have no scientific basis and are easily refuted by the reality that’s right before our eyes.

It is said that the vaccines are untested and dangerous. However, 100 million-plus Americans are fully vaccinated now. That’s a pretty good test. Serious side effects are few and far between. Those who doubt the vaccines should ask themselves: Do I know anyone who has suffered truly dangerous side effects from the vaccine? Do I know anyone who went into the hospital or maybe even died from COVID?

I personally know several COVID victims who were hospitalized because of it and some who died. I also personally know hundreds of people who’ve been vaccinated, and none of those have caught the illness since vaccination. This easily seen truth refutes the “untested and dangerous” vaccine falsehood, and thousands of Iowans can tell you how dangerous COVID really is.

Some say we don’t really know how well the vaccines work. Yet everywhere that most people are vaccinated the COVID numbers, especially hospitalizations and deaths, are dropping dramatically. However, COVID numbers in Iowa and a lot of states aren’t dropping dramatically because over half of adults aren’t planning to get vaccinated. Why do we believe narratives that originate in the murk of the Internet when the truth is right before our eyes?

COVID vaccines have been compared to thalidomide that was rushed to market and caused deformed babies. But this is no true comparison. Modern vaccine technology has been worked on for years. Development of similar vaccines was in advanced stages well before COVID. Modern genetic sequencing made rapid development of COVID-specific vaccines possible.

Once vaccines were developed, steps in testing were done concurrently rather than one slow step at a time. That testing innovation inspired the science fiction-like name “Operation Warp Speed,” but this is not science fiction. The ingredients in COVID vaccines are not dangerous chemicals. They’re similar to ingredients in other vaccines that have been in use for years. There are no sleeper poisons in these vaccines. The poison is in false narratives spread on social media.

The spreading of those narratives is as much a virus as COVID itself. Because of those narratives, people remain vulnerable, and COVID can spread and mutate until a mutation occurs that is immune to current vaccines. The anti-vaccine prophecy will then be self-fulfilled. If that happens, America will be back to square one, weakened, not with bombs. but with false words.

It’s ironic that people who should be America’s backbone have become America’s Achilles heel by believing false narratives. If we want to truly keep America great, we’ll get vaccinated.

Dave Layton, Clinton

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