Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

Visitors thankful for lost wallet’s return

On August 17, 2021, my husband and I were visiting Eagle Point Park with my sister, Kay Henning from Wilton, and brother, Mark Sattizahn from LeClaire. On our way out of town we stopped at the Clinton Lawn Cemetery where our parents are buried. That is when my husband realized that he did not have his wallet. We went back to Eagle Point to look for it. He asked people at the playground if anyone had found a wallet, with no luck. We were sure that we would never see it again. I even remarked, “It will probably end up in some trash can.”

We went to Mark’s home in LeClaire and started canceling credit cards. Our biggest concern was how we would be able to fly back to Jacksonville the next morning at 7 a.m. without ID. Twice we were urged to call the Clinton police. The second time my husband did. The lady answering the phone said a wallet with a Florida driver’s license had been turned in.


We returned to Clinton and picked up the wallet with everything in it. The Clinton police had the name of the person who turned it in – Josh Judd from Camanche. There are good people in the world who do the right thing. Thank you, Josh Judd.

With grateful hearts,

Bob and Judy (Sattizahn) Wolfensperger,Jacksonville, Florida

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