Flashback to 2017: A friend and I both often watch the City Council meetings and we notice someone is always there, very attentive and focused, taking notes. We wonder “who is that guy and what is he doing?” He doesn’t speak or make comments, just listens, watches presentations, and takes notes. At last our question is answered when it’s time for candidates to file for council positions- it’s Bill Schemers, and he files for At Large! He’s elected, and in my opinion from his first day for these four years he has been one of, if not the most informed, dedicated new council members in recent years. Bill has done an exceptional job.

Bill decided this year to run for First Ward, his home precinct. This is a crucial time when the City of Clinton needs responsible and experienced leaders who have some knowledge of how city government functions, understanding funding sources, budgeting, and departmental operations, and other facets of city government, as well as realization of the actual time commitment required – much more than the obvious two to four hours of meetings twice a month. It’s a 24-7 job that includes many meetings, hours of study, communication with residents as well as businesses and other organizations.

A look at the City of Clinton webpage shows the following boards/commissions that Bill currently serves:

City of Clinton, Highway 30 Coalition of Eastern Iowa

City of Clinton, Capital Improvement Committee

City of Clinton, Government Affairs Committee Liasion

Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency City Representative

Clinton Convention and Visitors Bureau, City Liasion

Member, Clinton Progress Coalition

Radio Host, “City Watch” on KROS, FM 105.9

Franciscan Peace Center/Education Committee on Human Trafficking

Bill Schemers spent well over a year of his personal time attending council meetings, involved in city board and commissions as well as other local organizations, before he ran for the 2018-2021 term. Bill is a responsible leader, committed personally to the City’s Values Statement – Teamwork, Honesty and Transparency, Consensus and Cooperation, Integrity, Commitment and Loyalty, Ethics, Environmental Stewardship, and Safety – and believes these should be the foundation of all elected and city staff.

As an example of Bill’s work, he is committed to Community Based Policing and in 2018 supported a federal grand for a Pilot Program, Crime-Free Multi Housing. The original grant will expire this year and Bill will work to continue this program to gradually cover all rentals in years ahead. Neighborhood Improvement has to be a priority in order to recruit and retain new businesses and residents.

For the past three years, Bill has presented a radio show Saturday morning on KROS to bring the community into city hall and answer questions and in some cases dispel or confirm rumors often heard in social media.

It is now up to First Ward to step up to the highest level and elect Bill Schemers to be their Council member for the responsible leadership we all need. Get out and vote for Bill on Nov. 2 or at the Auditor’s Office from now until then.

Beverly Hermann,


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