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My name is John Davis. My wife and I have lived in Clinton for the last 25 years. I have lived in Clinton since 1982 and other than college, I have lived and worked in the Clinton area since this time.

I recently read the letter to the editor written by Jeff Michel. I would agree we should all look closely at the two candidates, Bill Greenwalt and Steve Diesch. If we as voters do this, we will clearly see this sheriff’s race does not match two candidates with equal experience.

When comparing experience in the following categories, it’s clear who has more experience.

Management experience (Bill), critical incident experience (Bill), budget (Bill), narcotic investigation (Bill), grant writing (Bill), years of service (Bill).

Jail administration (Steve).

The choice is clear.

I have worked with Bill Greenwalt for 20 years at the Clinton Police Department. I have seen Bill Greenwalt move through the ranks of corporal, sergeant, captain and to his current position as deputy chief. His leadership ability and communication skills are unmatched compared to his opponent.

Bill Greenwalt has worked numerous critical incidents and has been involved in all facets of law enforcement.

We need a sheriff with a new perspective and new ideas. Please don’t get confused during this election. We are all voting for the best sheriff candidate. This is not a race for the best jail administrator. To suggest that Bill Greenwalt is not capable of this because he has not worked for the Sheriff’s Department is so far from the truth.

To prove this, just look at the 2012 Marion County Sheriff race.

In 2012, Marion County elected Jason Sandholdt as the sheriff for Marion County. Sandholdt started his career with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and was actually assigned to Clinton County. Sandholdt worked 16 years for the DNR and worked his way up to second in charge for the DNR. Sandholdt won the election in 2012 and is now running for his third term in Marion County. Sandholdt has been a very successful sheriff and prior to winning his election, all of his law enforcement experience was with the DNR. You don’t have to have experience in the Sheriff’s Office to be a successful sheriff.

Bill Greenwalt has expressed his longing to be the sheriff of Clinton County. Bill’s dad, Larry Greenwalt, retired from the Sheriff’s Department and Bill has always voiced his desire to one day be the sheriff of Clinton County.

We should all base our vote on who is the best candidate today. We should not be patient; why would we wait? We all need to vote for Bill Greenwalt. When this happens, I would then agree with Jeff Michel and we would have two great leaders in Clinton County.

When this happens, the working relationship between the Clinton Police Department and Sheriff’s Office will be at an all-time high.

The best candidate, is clearly, Bill Greenwalt.

John Davis,