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Steve Diesch and his family have been customers of mine for over 25 years and his honesty and integrity are without question, but that is not why I am writing. I would like to relate a story about Steve. A couple years ago I was on a extended canoe trip in Florida and towards the end of the trip the Manatee County Sheriffs Department decided I was “missing”.

They called my wife and after a good 20 minutes of questions about me and my behavior, her whereabouts, etc. they hung up. Shortly afterward, two Clinton County deputies came to the house and it all started over again.

After i got back home I was telling Steve about all this and he just laughed and said, “If this ever happens again just tell your wife to have the authorities contact me personally and I will confirm that you do dumb things.” So you can see why I will be voting for Steve. Not only is he extremely qualified for the job, I am still young enough to do “dumb” things.

David Hogreve,

Low Moor

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