Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

I am sick and tired of excuses. There is no justification for disenfranchising the 22 Iowans whose ballots were excluded from the IA-02 Congressional election. None. Nevertheless, Mariannette Miller-Meeks continues to rely on unfounded excuses in order to exclude these ballots.

Miller-Meeks believes that Hart’s election contest is partisan because she did not exhaust all state level remedies and instead went to the Democrat-led House of Representatives. Hart filed her Notice of Contest under the Federal Contested Elections Act, which does not require exhausting all state remedies and allows for the time and resources needed to conduct a full and accurate recount.

Notably missing amidst Miller-Meeks’ excuses is any question of the legitimacy of the uncounted ballots. Presumably she and her lawyers have no legal justification to exclude these votes, so clearly they should be included. Instead, they argue that there might be more uncounted votes in Miller-Meeks’ favor. Keep in mind that they do not provide any proof to substantiate this hypothetical claim. We know about these 22 valid votes and we should count them regardless. This is a weak excuse and does not justify excluding legal ballots that we know for a fact should be included.

No matter how you look at it, Miller-Meeks is spewing excuse after excuse in an attempt to preserve her power and disenfranchise voters. The will of the voters matters and I hope that the excuses end so that we can finally have fair and accurate election results.

Sandra L. Martensen Rickertsen,


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