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Full disclosure; Mary Wolfe is a friend of my wife’s aunt. I had not met her personally until March of this year.

My wife Olivia and I own the Plaza Bowl in Clinton. Like many small businesses, we were overwhelmed by the pandemic and subsequent shutdown earlier this year. We were frustrated by the lack of information available on things like the PPP, EIDL, and IEDA grants and didn’t know where to turn for answers.

We called on bankers, the SBA, and our federal and state legislators for guidance. The only response we received was from Mary Wolfe. Mary met with Olivia and I and willingly reached out to her contacts in government to help us find answers. She routinely followed up with us on outstanding matters as well. That’s what elected officials are supposed to do – advocate for and assist constituents. I believe Mary’s demonstrated desire to help businesses and individuals in the community is a tremendous asset for our district.

Regardless of which party you identify with, you should strongly consider voting for Mary Wolfe in the upcoming election.

Mike Pelham, Clinton

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