Beau Troutman

Beau Troutman

On Monday, I spent most of my day hanging out at Glynns Creek Golf Course in Long Grove, Iowa.

Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m there on business instead of leisure. Such is life as a sportswriter.

That day, none of the area’s local golfers qualified for the IHSAA State Meet, but after following Clinton’s Joe Simpson and Central DeWitt’s Dylan McAleer, both seniors, for the past month, I am sure those two will go on to do big things in athletics for years to come. Hats off to both of them and the rest of their teams, it was great having the opportunity to cover them.

Today and tomorrow, I’ll be covering the Fulton boys and girls golf teams at each of their regionals at Silver Ridge Golf Course in Oregon, Illinois. Again, I’ll need to pinch myself to remember I am indeed on the job, but sometimes that’s hard to do when you’re getting paid to drive around a golf cart among the beautiful Midwest fall foliage and sitting around a club house.

I recommend the whole sportswriter thing to anyone. It’s a cool gig sometimes.

As the end of golf season looms, so too does the high school football season. How about those Camanche Indians? They pounded Class 2A No. 6 Monticello 41-20 at home and took the No. 6 spot in this week’s rankings after previously being No. 8.

I’m really looking forward to see what the Indians are capable of this postseason.

This past Friday, I attended my first 8-man football game, as Easton Valley was downed by No. 1 Don Bosco — the River Hawks played hard against the top team in the state, though. It was a cool atmosphere at EV — the motorcycles revving up after each River Hawks TD was a nice touch. I also loved the view of the horizon beyond the end zone — it made for some beautiful shots with my camera. If you haven’t been to an EV game, definitely check it out. It’s a great atmosphere.

And with that, I’ll check back in with everyone next week.

What I’m watching: Total Recall (1990). As someone who was obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger movies as a kid, how did I never see this one? It’s on Netflix. Get some friends, some junk food and prepare to laugh, but also be weirdly intrigued at the same time.

What I’m listening to: The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses. The self-titled debut from the iconic Manchester, England band has been on repeat for me lately. Especially check out their 1989 gig in Blackpool, England on YouTube. I get chills every time.

Underdog of the week is: The Clinton, Northeast, Easton Valley and Central DeWitt football teams. All four lost last week, but I’m confident in a rebound week.

Quote of the week: “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger