Camanche tournament wraps up

Carie Kuehn/Clinton HeraldKenny Garvey bowls in Tuesday’s rounds of Camanche City Tournament. Garvey qualified for the men’s open Sweet 16 with a 724.

CAMANCHE —The 2018 Camanche City Tournament wrapped up at Imperial Lanes over the weekend with the usual display of high numbers.

“Scores were really high with a couple of 800s and a 300,” Kenny Garvey said. Garvey bowled the tournament and also serves a management role at Imperial Lanes under his father and bowling alley owner, Jay Garvey.

Brandon Johnson rolled the 300, just part of the excitement at the 55th annual tournament.

“At City Tournament, everybody draws to that pair of lanes,” Garvey said. “Whether they’re bowling or not, that’s where the eyes go and where everyone goes like a magnet. Whether they know the guy or not, when he gets the score it’s kind of like the game winning shot in a basketball game. Everybody erupts.”

That doesn’t mean you have to be the perfect bowler. Garvey said one of the best parts of the game is that people of all skill levels can participate.

“It’s always a good time. Even for the guys who don’t have the high averages have a good time,” Garvey said. “Even our men’s team who won — they had guys averaging from 130 to 190. Goes to show you, if you bowl good at the right time, it all works.”

City tournament is really just the chance for everybody to come out and bowl their best, along with having a good time with friends.

“It kind of puts it all on display. That week is a little different around the bowling alley,” Garvey said. “People know it’s city tournament so you’ll have more spectators here to watch. Then the Sweet 16 is kind of a scared thing. People want to qualify for it, people want to win it. It may not be real important in stature but it carries a lot of individual success with it.”

The Sweet 16 will take place late this month. You can see the qualifiers below.

“If you don’t know what’s going on, just come to watch,” Garvey said. “It might draw you in.”

2018 Camanche City Tournament


Singles — Mallory Shockey 741

Doubles — Mallory Shockey/Stacey Ray 1,469

All Events —Mallory Shockey 2,175

Team Event — We Have Their Balls 2,757

KaCee Weber, Jesse Bussa, Jennifer Nissan,Codie Kooi


Singles — Brandon Johnson 859

Doubles — Rick Holste/Terry Dellit 1,628

All Events — Willie Cruse 2,376

Team Event — Rodekamp Painting 3,807

High Scratch, All Events — Tom Schwartz 2,133

High Game of the Tournament — Brandon Johnson 300

High Series — Josh Bousman 807

Brandon Johnson — 802

Woman’s Sweet 16 Qualifiers


Mallory Shockey 600

Taylor Garvey 598

KaCee Weber 584

Faith Schultz 566

Shirley Carrier 564

Jennifer Golz 557

Melissa Kremer 548

Mona Clapp 544


Jennifer Nissen 537

Jacque Rutledge 503

Connie Lessard 501

Stacy Ray 495

Sarah Schwarz 491

Beth Coffey 474

Ona Chaney 467

Theresa Carber 455

Men’s Sweet 16 Qualifiers

Super Booster Elite 8

Tom Pruett 636

Kenny Casey 622

Jeff Stutting 619

Steve Kelly 602

George Chaney 594

Mike Graves 589

Joe Schmitt 588

Cody Leafgreen 581

Mike Schnoor 581

Booster Elite 8

Willie Cruse 717

Melissa Kremer 705

Shaun Guidebeck 701

Chuck Rutledge 697

Rick Holste 692

Scott Booth 672

Andrew Fullmer 657

Terry Dellit 652

Open Division

Josh Bousman 807

Brandon Johnson 802

Paul Sterbenz 770

Tom Schwarz 749

Koby Kooi 743

Brian Andersen 744

Kenny Garvey 724

Cory Gile 724

John Kjergaard 724

Eric Peters 722

Kyle Jackson 718

Rich Fullmer 716

Doyle Fox 714

Jay Garvey 714

Marc Lineberry 714

Lucas Reppert 711