Nate Trankamp, Easton Valley, Senior

The season: Trenkamp surpasses big milestones this year on the River Hawks’ way to the state quarterfinals. He had 208 completions, the second most in the state, for 2914 total passing yards and 41 touchdowns. He also had 462 yards on the ground. He was a 2nd Team All-State selection and is a Clinton Herald Player of the Year finalist.

The last word: “Nate has been one of the most efficient QB in 8-man football state history. He’s 2nd all-time in yards and 3rd all-time in passing touchdowns.” -Easton Valley head coach Tony Johnson


Dakota Stevenson, Northeast, Senior

The season: Stevenson did a bit of everything for the Rebels. He had 805 rushing yards, while also catching 11 passes for 227 yards, scoring a total of 10 times this year. He was named 1st Team All-District.

The last word: “He’s a four-year starter on varsity and works extremely hard to better himself. He also was our team’s offensive MVP.” -Northeast head coach Mark Lee


Jordan Lawrence, Camanche, Junior

The season: Lawrence missed two games with injury, but played everywhere for the Indians. He was another 1st Team All-District selection, ended with 673 passing yards, 242 receiving yards and 167 rushing yards for 1082 in total offense. He is second all time in receving touchdowns for Camanche High School.

The last word: “Jordan is another explosive athletes that we have on our team. State track speed and whether he was lined up at QB or WR, he was a nightmare matchup for other team.” -Camanche head coach Dustin Coit


Nick Allen, Morrison, Senior

The season: Allen served as a captain for the Mustangs. His unanimous 1st Team All-Conference selection came out of 82 total tackles this season, including five interceptions and three fumble recoveries. Allen his a Clinton Herald Football Player of the Year Finalist.

The last word: “Nick is my defensive leader and makes all my calls on the field for us. He is one of those players that every coach wants to have on their team.” -Morrison head coach Ryan Oetting


Cade Jargo, Easton Valley, Senior

The season: Jargo was named 1st Team All-State thanks to his use on both sides of the ball. He ended with 75 receptions for 1090 yards, ranking in the top receivers in the state.

The last word: “Cade had an amazing season while attracting a double team in most of the games we played.” -Easton Valley head coach Tony Johnson


LJ Henderson, Camanche, Senior

The season: Henderson marks the third Clinton Herald Player of the Year Finalist. He played just four games, but in that time accumulated 373 rushing yards and 135 receiving yards on just 12 catches. He also accumulated 29.5 tackles in those four contests, 5.5 for a loss. He was a unanimous 1st Team All-District pick.

The last word: “LJ is a game changer. He is explosive, smart and great awareness, a really solid football player. He has the vision to find holes, the elusiveness in the open field to make people miss and power to run through people if needed.” -Camanche head coach Dustin Coit


Ulysses Patterson, Clinton, Senior

Ulysses Patterson

Ulysses Patterson, Clinton

The season: Patterson led the total offense for the River Kings, He excelled on the run throughout his high school career, rushing for over 300 yards while also making 300 receptions, leading him to a 1st Team All-District selection.

The last word: “Our best player, was consistently great for us on both sides of the ball. We counted on him and he played at a high level all year.” -Clinton head coach Jon Wauford



Nate Helms, Junior, Morrison

The season: Helms went 42-72 this season, throwing for 918 yards for the playoff-bound Mustangs. He threw 10 TDs in that time, and just two interceptions. Helms was 2nd Team All-Conference.

The last word: “Nate has been a great leader of our offense through great decision making. He has thrown completions to eight different receivers this season and completed 58 percent of his throws.” -Morrison head coach Ryan Oetting


Ethan Rash, Fulton, Junior

The season: Rash touched the ball on the ground more than any other Steamer this season, ending with 991 yards and 16 touchdowns. He averaged nearly six yards a carry and made 2nd Team All-Conference.

The last word: “Ethan is our best back that runs with both power and speed. He was 2nd Team All-Conference even though he had over 200 yards and four touchdowns more than any 1st Team back. One of the nicest and hardest workers I have ever had.” -Fulton head coach Patrick Lower


Treveon Bailey, Junior, Clinton

The season: Bailey caught 32 passes - a team high - this year for 382 total receiving yards. He also had the team’s only three touchdowns through the air. He averaged 11.9 yards per catch and was a 2nd Team All-District pick.

The last word: “Leading receiver on our team with big-play potential.” -Clinton head coach Jon Wauford


Braydin Farrell

Braydin Farrell, Easton Valley

Braydin Farrell, Easton Valley, Senior

The season: Farrell earned All-State honors as well for the River Hawks. He ended with 644 total rushing yards plus 556 receiving yards, scoring 23 times this year. He also had 100 tackles, 20 of those coming for a loss.

The last word: “Braydin got it done on both sides of the ball. He received defensive MVP for our district.” -Easton Valley head coach Tony Johnson


Noah Howard, Clinton, Senior

The season:Noah Howard was the centerpiece of the Clinton defensive line, ending up with 34 season tackles, eight tackles for a loss. The team captain was named 1st Team All-District and chosen as the team’s defensive MVP.

The last word:”I heard from several opponents how much they thought of him as a defensive player. Very big player that came off the ball hard.” -Clinton head coach Jon Wauford


Jakob North, Fulton, Junior

The season: North ended with 53 tackes through his junior season, nine of those for a loss. He also tacked on 44 assists and five total sacks for the Steamers, earning himself a spot on 1st Team All-Conference .

The last word: “Jakob is our best defensive lineman. He is very tough to block and makes big plays when we need him to. He was a 1st Team selection this year. He works extremely hard to become the player he is. We feel very lucky that we have him coming back another year.” Fulton head coach Patrick Lower


Riley Wilkens, Morrison, Senior

The season: On his way to a unanimous 1st Team All-Conference selection, Wilkens rushed 703 yards for an impressive 16 touchdowns. He also made big impacts on the Morrison defensive line.

The last word:”Riley is a Captain and is our ball carrier that we go to when we need the tough, grind it out yards. He is big and physical and has had a great year blocking for the other backs as well. He is a two-year starter and also handles kickoff duties.” -Morrison head coach Ryan Oetting



Connor Barnett, Fulton, Junior

The season: In his first season as the starting quarterback for the Steamers, Barnett finished over 50 percent of his passes for 1,077 yards, lighting up near the end of the season during the playoff push. He threw eight touchdowns .

The last word: “Connor really came on down the stretch for us with three plus 100 yard passing games, including 241 yards in our playoff game. Connor is a great kid and works very hard to be the player he is.” - head coach Patrick Lower


Cade Everson, Camanche, Junior

The season: Everson led the Indians in both rushing yards and receptions, rushing for 477 yards this year and catching 22 pases. He also had two defensive scores, one interception and one fumble recovery, while notching 39.5 tackles.

The last word: “Cade was our workhorse on offense and another weapon we used frequently. Strong, athletic, elusive and a powerful player. Also had great hands and was one of our top receivers on the season.” -Camanche head coach Dustin Coit


Jake Pannell, Fulton, Senior

The season: Pannell earned a 1st Team All-Conference selection with 85 total tackles this year, adding two sacks, four tackles for a loss and two blocked kicks to the bag.

The last word: “”Jake had a great senior season for us. His wrestling background really paid off when it came to his ability to tackle when he found the ball. His off-season was extremely impressive as he did not play much as a junior. He was determined to make a difference and he did.” -Fulton head coach Patrick Lower


Cade Hughes, Northeast, Sophomore

The season: In addition to his offensive contributions, Hughes was the leading tackle as a linebacker with 56 this year.

The last word: “He led our team in tackles and was a great cover man as well, recording two interceptions.” -Northeast head coach Mark Lee


Isaak Shetler, Morrison, Junior

The season: Shetler led the No. 4 Morrison Mustangs defensively in a year where they shut down opponents, ending with 77 solo tackles (156 total), two fumble recoveries and two interceptions. He was 1st Team All-Conference.

The last word: “Isaak is one hard-nose defender and flies around to find the ball. He leads our team in tackles and averages 14 a week.” -Morrison head coach Ryan Oetting


Payton Nicol

Payton Nicol, Camanche

Payton Nicol, Camanche, Senior

The season: Nicol was second in tackles for the Indians, garnering 45 his senior year. Of those, 12 were for a loss and he sacked opposing quarterbacks twice. Nicol ranked fifth in school history in sacks and was a 2nd Team All-District DE.

The last word: “Payton had a great motor on the defensive side of the ball that caused him to be a difficult DE to block, He had good speed for a DE and also had the strength to play the position.” -Camanche head coach Dustin Coit


Nathan Mickley, Morrison, Senior

The season: Along with being an offensive threat, Mickley ended the season with121 total tackles. During that time, he notched four sacks. Mickley was a 1st Team All-Conference selection

The last word: “Nathan is a very smart and heady football player. He is one of our mainstays on defense every week and has taken a big leadership role.” -Morrison head coach Ryan Oetting


Ethan Buckley, Camanche

Caleb Delzell, Camanche

Logan Shaw, Camanche

Logan Waltz, Camanche

Cooper Darby, Morrison

Ryan Kennedy, Morrison

Keegan Anderson, Morrison

Hunter Newman, Morrison

Kyler Pessman, Fulton

Nate Portz, Fulton

Max Pannell, Fulton

Logan House, Easton Valley

Reid Heinrichsen, Easton Valley

Hudson Felkey, Easton Valley

Parker Olson, Easton Valley

JR Wauford, Clinton

Jasper Luckritz, Clinton

Jamie Miller, Clinton

Jai Jenson, Clinton

Riley Wolfe, Northeast