Beau Troutman

Beau Troutman

Upon arriving to Clinton, Iowa, my first objective was non-sports related — I had to find out exactly what “Chicken George” was.

Mission accomplished. It tasted pretty good, too.

It’s one of the first of many lessons I’m bound to learn in Clinton. The second mission was finding out what a derecho is, but I think I’d prefer if I never learn that one.

My name is Beau Troutman and I’m the new sports editor at the Clinton Herald. I’m excited to meet everyone in the athletics community and can’t wait to delve into what this area and community has to offer.

A little about me — though I was born in Orange, California, I grew up in Saugatuck, Michigan after brief stints in New York and Illinois. After graduating Saugatuck High School, I attended Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and was the sports editor of the student newspaper my senior year.

Upon graduating college in 2017, I took a job as a sports writer at the La Salle NewsTribune in La Salle, Illinois. It was the first time I had ever moved far away from home — GVSU was only 45 minutes away from my parents’ house — but it could not have went any better. It’s a vibrant community and I met many lifelong friends there, and even bartended on the side at a bar downtown (formerly Machelle’s Backstreet in La Salle, now called Stella’s Backstreet. I highly recommend it!).

In the spring of 2019, I was laid off from the NewsTribune due to financial cutbacks at the paper, but got lucky when the sports editor of the Holland Sentinel — minutes away from where I grew up — offered me the assistant sports editor job, which I took in August of that year.

That move proved to be fortunate. In addition to covering the talented high school teams in the area, as well as my alma mater GVSU and Hope College in town, I was also able to live at home and keep my head low during the first stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But this summer, I decided it was time to move on. I feel very fortunate to have gotten the job at the Herald during a time where newspapers, and particularly sports writers, are going through a situation that seems to change daily with coronavirus.

While I hope life eventually goes back to normal, I can tell you the Herald’s sports section will be anything but normal. With now over five years of experience in sports writing, I’ll make it my mission to provide outstanding coverage for all of our area schools and use the lessons I’ve learned at three different newspapers to make the sports page the best it can be every day.

Some of my career highlights include: working as the beat writer for the GVSU football team, the top Division II program in the nation; attending a Baltimore Ravens practice and being approached by all-pro linebacker Terrell Suggs, who thought I was a New England Patriots spy (email me if you want to hear more about that one); covering a Canadian Football League game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Saskatchewan Roughriders; covering the Hall (Illinois) High School baseball team’s state championship run in 2018; and getting an in-person interview with Detroit Pistons legend Ben Wallace just weeks before coronavirus hit.

Besides sports, I am a huge music and movie nerd with a side dream of becoming a rock star one day. Still working on that one. I could talk your ear off about 90s rock and Quentin Tarantino might just be the greatest film director ever. I love books, especially the authors Stephen King, Elmore Leonard, Don Winslow and David Foster Wallace. I’m also a diehard Ohio State Buckeyes fan — sorry, Hawkeyes fans. We’ll learn to get along.

That’s me. I’m hoping Clinton can teach me more lessons on my sports writing journey, and I am very excited to learn those lessons — one restaurant at time.

Just kidding. There’s more to life than food. Well, maybe not.

Anyway, cheers to everyone who read this and always feel free to drop me a line.

Now, let’s get started.