There are some big shoes to fill for the Morrison girls basketball team.

Head coach Kerry Grim lost all-state center Peyton Tegeler, a leader on the floor. She lost two other seniors as well, leaving a lot of roles up in the air heading into basketball season this month.

“Our main expectations for this year’s season is to try to build up the team,” Grim said. “We lost our All-stater last year who we were really built around. With her graduating and our point guard and a strong forward, we’re down to just three seniors.

“We’re really looking for some kids to step up their game. We’re bringing up a couple of sophomores.”

Some of those underclassman will all of a sudden have big roles to fill. Kendra and Kallie Fisher both played some minutes as freshman for the Fillies and will be back for their sophomore campaign.

Grim is also bringing up a freshman who stands at 6-01 to try to replace Tegeler’s presence in the lane.

With just a bit of practice under their belt, though, there are no clear answers yet.

“I think that we’re going to have to look at some different lineups, see what players are developing and who plays what role and be able to mesh that together,” Grim said.

The Fillies were just 3-33 last year, leaving plenty of room to move up in the conference standings. Speed will continue to be the thing they’re looking to with not a lot of size outside of their 6-01 center.

They’ll have a pretty significant learning curve, too.

“Our strengths ... we don’t have a lot of experience,” Grim said. “We’re small and don’t have much size. We’ll be quick, that will be one of our biggest strengths. We just need to work together on gelling together as a team in order to be competitive.”

It can be a positive that there are no clear answers. Grim says there’s going to be a lot of competition for the starting lineup, and she’s looking forward to see who breaks out as leaders.

“Spots are open right now, and I want the girls to compete for those spots and step up their game.”