I may not be an entirely new face, but I figured a new introduction was needed.

My name is Carie Kuehn, and I’ve taken over as the “new” sports editor for the Clinton Herald. I held that position for nearly three years until last September, when I left to pursue work in the medical field.

When I decided to leave the Herald, my plan was to work as a CNA and attend school and apply to a physician assistant graduate program this fall. Well … I did work as a CNA. I’ve worked overnight shifts at the Genesis East Emergency Department the last eight months. It’s been a pretty eye-opening experience and it’s made me rearrange my education.

After working with some incredible nurses in the ER, I’m now in nursing school. This has opened up my schedule a little more for work in between school and clinicals.

When I saw that Beau Troutman was departing, I immediately reached out. I care about this area and I know how crazy this time of year is. I couldn’t fathom not having someone working for the sports section with the start of football, volleyball and all of our other fall sports. The Clinton Herald news staff works very hard and I can’t say they have the kind of time to add sports to their plate.

So, …I’m back. I’m very excited to slide back into this role again. Granted, I never completely left. I was lucky enough to be able to freelance the last year for the Herald. You’ll just have to see my name a lot more now.

I graduated from Prince of Peace nine (yikes!) years ago. I got my journalism degree from Illinois State and now I’m attending Clinton Community College’s nursing program.

My philosophy is simple: I am all about local sports. We have some incredible athletes, schools, coaches and families in this area. Those are the stories I want to tell.

That’s what you’re going to see from me. I spend most of my time running from event to event, on the phone with coaches, and writing stories about our local athletes. I am just one person, so I am always open to communication, suggestions and help from you! Feel free to message me, to call me or to shoot me an email with story ideas you have or things you want to see. I don’t always hear all the interesting stories in our community and I want to miss as little as possible.

If you’re a parent or a score keeper, feel free to email me score cards or results! It helps me put things together.

My goal is to have a paper that is jammed with photos and stories about our local athletes because when it comes down to it, their stories are the things we will never be able to find anywhere else except in our local media.

Bear with me as I get my feet under me the next few weeks. It’s a crazy time of year to jump into this position and it will take me some time to get acclimated to our teams and coaches and athletes. I hope to continue to get to know our area and hope I can be a positive part of sports for all of us.

It’s nice to meet you (again)! Please say hi when you see me running around and always feel free to reach out.

Carie Kuehn


Office: (563) 503-5476

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