Carie Kuehn

Thursday is officially my last day as the Sports Editor at the Clinton Herald.

I’m a lot more emotional than I thought I would be when this moment came. In all honestly, I never intended to return to my hometown after graduating from high school. My family had moved states and I thought I had bigger and better places to be.

I am so glad my journey brought me here, though. The last three years have been so incredibly fulfilling I wanted to thank the readers before I moved on.

I was able to cover so many incredible athletes and deal with some truly amazing coaches in our area. The bottom line – we have some awesome kids here and they have been a joy to watch and work with each step of the way. I was able to see history be made more than once everywhere from a bowling alley to a gymnasium. Milestones and moments have happened that will be favorite memories for many of our athletes, and I was the one who had the opportunity to capture them in photos and stories. State runs, undefeated seasons, college signings – it’s been awesome to see. But even those seasons that were winless or less than impressive or ever forgettable will stick with me because I got to see the heart and work ethic of Midwestern athletes no matter the situation the team was in.

When I started, I had never picked up a camera, let alone dealt with action shots. It was a slow process but now photography is one of my favorite things to do on the side. I get to thank the Clinton Herald for that.

When I came back, it was almost like I was in a new town. I moved to Camanche and realized I really didn’t know anyone from my high school tenure. That changed quickly, and I met not only my boyfriend of two and a half years but also some of my very best friends here. I get to thank the Clinton Herald for that.

I’ve been able to write about sports for three years. I did something different every day and I had a blast going to work. I get to thank the Clinton Herald for that, too.

It’s seriously been so much fun being able to write stories for this community. When I started college in 2012, I originally went as a Biology student before switching to journalism. Ironically, that’s where I’m heading back to.

I’m finishing up about eight courses of pre-requisites over the next year while also becoming a Certified Nurses Aide. From there, I hope to get into a Physician Assistant Studies graduate program and become a practicing P.A. It’s a scary change, but one I’m very excited for. The medical field has always been one that has intrigued me because it offers so much opportunity to help people. It’s incredible that I have the chance to make a huge move like this right now.

A lot of people are sacrificing things to help me do this as well – my parents, my boyfriend and his parents, and others. They deserve some extra praise.

But all of that brings me to this last day with the Clinton Herald. I still plan on being around – I waitress in Camanche and will hopefully be able to do some freelancing for the paper while I’m working on school. Not only that, but this community has really become special to me over the last three years and I’m very confident when I say I think this is the place I want to make my home for the long run.

Beau Troutman, our new Sports Editor, has all the qualities to be a dedicated asset to our athletes and team. I’m very excited for you to get to know him and hope you show him all the support that I’ve always felt as well.

Remember to support the Clinton Herald and all your favorite publications. We’re not perfect, but we work very hard to bring positive sports coverage to you about all our teams and athletes. It’s a hard job and one that takes a lot of hours and frustrations, so please be patient and kind as well. Just remember there are a lot of hard-working people in the building on 6th Ave. South that really care about this community.

And finally, thank you! I’ve enjoyed every minute. I will miss it and I’m grateful to have been involved the last three years.

Carie Kuehn, Former Clinton Herald Sports Editor