MiLB wife

Zach James/Clinton Herald

Suzy Steinmann, wife of Clinton LumberKings Manager Scott Steinmann, sings at Vinnie’s Lounge on July 12 in Clinton.

CLINTON — Hours after the Clinton LumberKings' July 12 game against Kane County, Clinton Manager Scott Steinmann could be found at Vinnie's Lounge with a beer in his hand.

He was sitting around with the LumberKings coaching staff and a few of the players sitting in the back of the barroom, sharing stories and jokes like young 20-something-year-old men do.

It was a social gathering of sorts. However, it had more meaning to the Clinton skipper. His wife, Suzy, was there as the main act of the night.

"He's been trying to get me to sing up here for a while now," Suzy said. "Now that the kids are gone, I'm trying to get back in it full-time, but this is the first time singing up here."

Suzy sings with a full band sporadically in Phoenix, where the Steinmann's permanent home is, and twice a month solo in the area as well.

Suzy works as a realtor, a professional singer on the side, and is a mom of three. However, being the wife of a minor league manager might be the most challenging.

"Ideally, I'd love to have him home," Suzy said. "It's a tough thing to be away from your spouse for six months, but I signed up for it, so we just do our best, and now that the kids are older, I can stay (in Clinton) longer, and that helps.

"We manage without him," Suzy added. "It seems like things happen, especially when he's not there. The kids miss him, but he's a good, good dad."

Suzy tries to see Scott at least once a month throughout the season.

"It's good for him, too, because he gets lonely," she said. "And, when the team isn't doing well, he needs a little shoulder to cry on."

This is Scott's third season as the LumberKings manager. His first year was in 2009, then he returned last season. Steinmann entered Friday with 162 career wins, which is seventh most in LumberKings history.

When fall and winter comes around, Scott helps Suzy flip houses. That entails buying a run-down house, re-modeling it and selling it trying to find a profit.

"He really doesn't have much downtime," Suzy said. "When he gets home, I have a house that I found that we're in the middle of fixing it up, and he's very, very handy."

The two even thought about flipping a house in Clinton.

"There was one right across the street from where we were staying, but we didn't know enough about the market, so we decided not to," Suzy said. "We consistently flip homes in Arizona, and we've done well, and it's really fun."

The two have been married for 11 years, and they met in one of the more unusual ways. It had nothing to do with baseball, either. The two first met online through, an online dating site.

"It's a different avenue to meet women, and I'm glad I did it," Scott said.

"I'm not a huge baseball fan, but he kind of liked that," she said. "I love to watch him at work and seeing him do what he loves. That really is his passion. He never complains about his job, ever. He's frustrated when the team isn't playing well, sure."

The Steinmanns live in Arizona now, but Suzy is from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Fond du Lac sits on the south edge of Lake Winnebago and is about a four-hour drive from Ashford University Field.

"I absolutely love this town and the Midwest," Suzy said. "As crazy as it sounds, I love the sounds of the trains. I like the people. It's so peaceful. I enjoy coming here. It's awesome being four hours from family."

Scott is from Cincinnati.

"He's my biggest fan, and that's so sweet," Suzy said. "I love that about him, and he wants to share that with people. He's really a gentle, sweet guy that is a strong leader of our household."