Minor League Baseball (MiLB) released a statement on Wednesday afternoon, responding to allegations from Major League Baseball's (MLB) that the state of the Professional Baseball Agreement (PBA) negotiations had halted. 

MLB has proposed a restructuring plan that would eliminated 42 minor league teams across the country. 

In response, MiLB said:

“Minor League Baseball was encouraged by the dialogue in a recent meeting between representatives of Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball and a commitment by both sides to engage further on February 20. However, Major League Baseball’s claims that Minor League Baseball is not participating in these negotiations in a constructive and productive manner is false. Minor League Baseball has provided Major League Baseball with numerous substantive proposals that would improve the working conditions for Minor League Baseball players by working with MLB to ensure adequate facilities and reasonable travel. Unfortunately, Major League Baseball continues to misrepresent our positions with misleading information in public statements that are not conducive to good faith negotiations.”

MiLB also wrote a letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred regarding the issue. In the letter, the league states that their goals are to "best ensure that baseball remains the National Pastime in communities large and small".

They go on to state that it's become apparent that the best was to do that is to set their positions in written form in the remainder of the letter. They go on to state five points in which they have opinions on. You can find more on that in the article attached to this one on