Clinton senior Dallas McManus is used to using his strength on the football field and baseball diamond, but has taken it to a new level in powerlifting.

McManus spent the weekend just an hour north competing in a powerlifting competition — UPA Power Weekend in Dubuque, IA., and came away with some big results.

“I had come up to Dubuque before to watch my trainer, Bob Weber, compete in another competition,” McManus said. Weber owns Weber Strength Systems in Clinton and McManus has been training there since he was ten. “It was one of those things where I was like ‘you know I really want to get into this stuff’. It just really caught my interest.”

McManus broke personal records on three different lifts. He completed two out of three lifts in the squat, hitting 485 pounds—11 pounds heavier than his previous record. He completed two out of three lifts in bench press as well, and beat his previous record of 272 pounds by hitting 281 pounds in competition.

His previous record in the dead lift was 485 pounds. This weekend he hit 507 pounds, which also tied the national record.

“I feel really good about how this weekend went,” McManus said. “It’s always something where I have seen the records from before and then my competitive side gets to me and I think ‘I want that named up on that board, I want to be seen with these records’.

“My biggest motivation is the worry of failing,” McManus said. “You don’t want to miss what you said you were going to get in front of a crowd of people. It’s just that little boost to get up out of it and get it, show people what you got.”

McManus has always been an athlete. He is currently a senior at Clinton High School, and just finished his senior season of football. He also was a wrestler for two years, and he plays baseball. Still, lifting is something special to him that he does outside of his team sports. That doesn’t mean that lifting hasn’t helped him.

“It definitely shows. Sometimes I have more endurance than other people. It also gives me a better drive on most sports,” McManus said. “Hit the ball harder or push yourself harder.”

As high school winds down for him, his lifting will not. He plans on continuing to get stronger and keep competing. He says it’s a lifelong sport, and that lifting and his coach, Bob Weber, have both had a huge impact on his life.

It has made him stronger physically, but also mentally. He says even when you have trainers and coaches pushing you, you still have to find the strength within yourself to get out of a big lift.

“What’s so great about lifting is I really like being competitive with it,” McManus said. “It gives me that chance to show off what I’ve got. It makes me feel great that I’ve pushed so hard to get to where I am and it’s formed me into the person I am now.”