Lauren Snyder

Photo by Carie Kuehn | Camanche, Lauren Snyder

CAMANCHE - You could visibly see the disappointment on the faces of each and every member of the No. 10 Camanche softball team. 

The entire varsity squad looked disappointed on Friday night after a 5-0 no-hitter loss to No. 4 West Liberty at home. It was just their second home loss all season and their sixth loss in the last two weeks after starting the season 17-0. 

It was also their second time going hit-less in the last week. They suffered a 7-0 shutout loss to Davenport Assumption which they bounced back from, but saw a similar story against the Comets on Friday. 

"We just have to be hitting the best pitchers and we're struggling that right now," head coach Kevin Roling said.  "Everyone struggles to hit the best pitchers in the state, but we're at the point we need to be hitting those kids. We've seen enough in a row now that we have to put the bat to the ball."

West Liberty's Isabelle True, the pitcher for the Comets, boasts a .80 ERA over her nearly 80 innings this year thanks to a a slew of impressive rising pitches. It showed in the nine strikeouts by the Indians, who average about three per game.. 

"We were not disciplined at all," senior Madi Parson said.  "She's not the fastest pitcher we've seen, not the most movement pitcher we've seen, we just weren't disciplined at the plate."

Parson reached base twice, once on a walk and once on an error, and stayed stagnant in her spot thanks to the lack of hits. Once of those times was in the bottom of the seventh when she reached first on a lead off walk. 

"Extremely [frustrating], in the bottom of the seventh, the first batter gets on and you get three outs," Parson said. "It's upsetting because we know we should have hit better, we know we should have played defense better, we just need to be disciplined in all area."

Tarah Wehde did the same with two lead off walks, and Lauren Snyder had another one. None of the runners were brought around. 

Meanwhile, defensively it was a shaky game for the Indians as well. The Comets had just six hits throughout the night off of pitchers Tarah Wehde and Abby Stock, but committed an uncharacteristic five defensive errors. Some balls dropped between players and grounders hit to infielders seemed to bounce out of gloves. 

"It's just the reactions," senior Cam Carstensen said.  "It's faster and they're getting a hold of it better so it's going at the ground and it's hard to handle. It hits wrong."

West Liberty started the game off with a single and that was followed by a walk. A double brought both of those in to leave the Indians trailing 2-0 after just one inning. 

They tacked on another run in the fourth inning with another lead off walk ending up rounding the bases and scoring on  a single. 

The last two came in the top of the sixth. In that inning, the Indians had three errors to help the Comets plate their finals points.

"[We need to be] putting effort together," Carstensen said.  "Some of us were giving more at certain points and we want to put it together and come together as a team."

The Indians (26-6)make a short trip to Goose Lake on Saturday to see some local competition at the Northeast Varsity Invitational, starting at 9 a.m. They travel to Iowa City Regina on Monday to take on another RVC opponent.