As an eighth grader, she batted .338 with a team-high 25 RBIs for the varsity team.

Freshman year, it was .417 while leading the team in RBIs and homers.

In her sophomore campaign, she hit a hot .485 while putting 10 over the fence.

Last year, it was .492 and all-state honors.

Enter senior year, and Madi Parson has already had an impressive career. She leads the No. 9 Indians once again with a blistering .472 and already has 11 home runs and 40 RBIs. It's no surprise that this won't be her last time competing on a softball diamond.

The senior catcher is headed to Coe College in Cedar Rapids for both softball and volleyball, where she also excelled with all-state honors.

It wasn't always going to be that way, though. In fact, when Parson started softball when she was in elementary school it wasn't ever something she thought about continuing. With her mother at the helm of a lot of her travel teams, it was just another sport she was doing.

"When I was 12 and 14 I wanted to quit because I just hated it," Parson recalled. "It never was my number one love. When I got to my junior year I said I was playing in college. I knew I was going to miss it and I had the opportunity to play, so why not take it?"

She's been catching "since she picked up a ball" too. Although, that in itself has been a journey.

"I was six or seven and I was probably the smallest girl you'd ever see. I asked the coach and she said, no, you're too little,” Parson said. “The next year no one else wanted to catch because Abby Stock was pitching and Abby Stock has always been throwing heaters."

She started out playing a little bit of every position but has ended up as the varsity catcher. It certainly isn't wearing the extra pounds of gear in the Iowa summers that thrills. It’s really the leadership role that she likes.

"Catching, you're a part of everything,” Parson said. "I think sometimes I feel like I call the game. I can call pitches, I can call plays, and I'm always talking to everybody. I can see what not everyone else can."

She’s as disciplined as it gets behind the plate, blocking the ball and intimidating runners back to their respective bases. She does everything on the softball diamond with confidence, and rightly so.

She’s been a cornerstone of the team for five years, after all.

"Madi is our team leader and there is no doubt about it,” Camanche head coach Kevin Roling said. “When she walks up to plate she is impressive as a specimen is a good way to say it. She is a great athlete with a great knowledge of the game and confidence to go on with it.

“She calls every pitch we throw and has done a great job all year with that. We're pretty lucky to have her on our team."

The Indians routed their first opponent in the postseason with a 15-0 win over Tipton Wednesday night. They host again on Thursday for the regional semifinals.

With everything going on in her life with college approaching, Parson had just one focus: her softball team.

"I'm always looking forward to college volleyball, but my number one focus by far is this softball season,” Parson said. “Big time."

The Indians, who started the year 17-0 before a number of losses at the hands of ranked Iowa teams, are ranked No. 9 in Class 3A. They have a tough district but if there’s one thing Parson has learned as an Indian, it’s that anything can happen.

She can look back on being too small to catch to becoming an all-state catcher as reference, or the journey from losing to winning teams. She says every open gym, every workout, every practice is the reason why her athletic career with Camanche has been so successful.

"Anything is possible. It's kind of cliche or whatever, but it honestly is,” Parson said. “My eighth grade year volleyball team was 6-20 and last year we were [28-7]. It's hard work, honestly, it does it all."