Clinton head coach Micah Cewe cheers on his team during their substate matchup with Dubuque Wahlert. Cewe was tabbed Clinton Herald Coach of the Year after posting a 27-11 record in 2018. 

Clinton head coach Micah Cewe certainly gets you excited during high school volleyball games.

That excitement that Cewe brings to the table, along with the record he helped lead the River Queens to in their 2018 campaign, all help him grab the 2018 Coach of they Year title.

“The energy, tenacity and positivity is crucial for high school girls," Cewe said. "We treat our players as a 2nd family and sometimes it becomes our 1st family as the time we spend with them during the season supersedes from our time at home. It is a sacrifice that I am committed to make to help guide our young high school athletes in a positive direction."

It's something you can see and hear from the former Ashford University volleyball coach.

"He's so upbeat and positive. He knows the game inside and out and is just a wealth of knowledge," assistant coach Katrina House said. "He's just great to be around. The girls feed off him, we as coaches feed off him."

If you watch a big game and see Cewe getting as much of a workout as the girls, don't be surprised. Stomping, jumping, running the sideline and notoriously throwing his binder are just some of the things. It all comes down to how much he loves the game.

"I am a very passionate and driven coach who loves to teach the game of volleyball," Cewe said. "We want each of players to learn from the game and get comfortable being uncomfortable in our program. We want to make sure our players are doing the little things correctly and build on our core values every day."

But that might be the quality that affects his team the most.

"I think it's that they know how passionate he is about the game," Coach House said. "He puts it all in and that motivates them to put it all in. He's always ready, over ready most of the time. It's a great coaching staff to be a part of."

"He has a lot of passion for the game and everyone in the crowd and I think everyone in the crowd can see it," senior Macy Mulholland said. "You can see how much he loves the game and loves this team.

"That really gets our team going, the hype. It's fun to see him go a little crazy."

The River Queen squad was a very emotional team this year, heading to the regional final against state-qualifier Dubuque Wahlert. When they had the momentum going their way, they had it all. They had evident slumps where they got down on themselves. Knowing that Cewe was there to back them helped them.

"He does motivate us a lot to get stuff done. We know that he's there for us and will always push us to do more," senior Megan Gandrup said. "He would get us back into it, and sometime help us snap out of it."

You can ask any member of the varsity volleyball team and they will tell you they became very close, especially the graduating group of seniors. Cewe uses the motto 'hold the rope' for the team: each teammate should be willing to hold the rope for another if they're falling down the mountain.

"We keep our players accountable and and we are there to “hold the rope” for each one of our players," Cewe said. "My goal is to prepare our players to earn every point in practice and matches and to eventually carry the “Earn It” philosophy to life after volleyball. This is what I love to do and I love every second of this profession.”

It's paid off. The team was successful on the volleyball court and has had a positive impact in the school and the community. Just ask Macy Mulhollnd what's the biggest thing she learned from Coach Cewe:

"Not only to be a good volleyball player, but be successful in everything you do. Not just sports, but life in general."