Madi Parson

CAMANCHE—Madi Parson’s 18 points and assists from the block helped lead the Camanche Indians to a 45-45 victory over Northeast on Tuesday night.

Just three minutes in, score tied at 2-2, you could hear head coach Ben Erwin yelling from the sidelines: “Look in!”

“Game plan was get the ball moving and look to Madi,” Erwin said after the game. “We have to get the ball in to Madi. Our offense runs around her, we go outside, inside. Good things happen after she touches the ball.”

The very next play, Parson got the ball and drew a foul from it. Then the Indians started putting buckets in.

“The first quarter we were trying to pop it in too fast, letting them know. I missed a lot of bunnies at the beginning,” Parson said. “Then we started getting the ball moving and playing how we can. We got them in, got good looks and got layups.”

After that, the Indians were better off offensively. Parson made moves from the block and even banked in a 3-pointer. If she didn’t have it, she found her guards on the outside who were able to put up shots. Hanna Nissen finished with 11 points on the night, along with Parson’s 18.

“First, I feel where they’re at. I look to make the move, then I dish it out,” Parson said. “When they start collapsing that means someone else is open.”

Still, the Rebels were right there.

What kept Northeast in it was discipline—they broke the press and took their time on offense. The shots didn’t fall quite like they wanted but they were looking good.

“It’s something we struggled with early in the year,” Northeast coach Scott Maddasion said. “We put a lot of emphasis on breaking the press because it’s an important part of our game and we showed it tonight. We broke the press and had half as many turnovers as we usually do.”

The game was just 19-13 at half, in favor of Camanche. The Indians came out with a fire lit, and started the third quarter with a 7-0 run.

“Play with confidence,” Erwin said. “We talk about it all the time. Overwhelm the other team with your confidence as a team. No big changes at halftime, just stick with the game plan.”

The offense was quick and fluid for the Indians, something they’ve struggled with this year.

“We’ve been working really hard on our 5-out. If you don’t get it, cut back door,” Erwin said.” They haven’t really done that, they run a lot of set plays and tonight they took a lot of steps forward with the ball and without the ball.

“The girls are probably getting tired of me yelling at them at practice,” Erwin said. “They’re definitely listening, they’re soaking it all in. Especially our young girls.”

It helped: the Indians finished with just 14 turnovers in the game.

The Rebels on the other hand were turnover happy in the second half. Their disciplined offense was gone, and they struggled to put up a shot.

“Lack of confidence with the ball in our hands,” Scott Maddasion said. “Shots weren’t falling in the first half so we were timid and not as aggressive towards the basket and that showed.”

The Indians improve to 2-4 and play at Durant on Friday night, while the Rebels drop to 2-5 and travel to Iowa City Regina to end the week.