Kaylee Camp

CLINTON–Despite some adversity on Thursday, the River Queens came out and handled Muscatine on the courts with a 9-0 sweep of the Muskies in Mississippi Athletic Conference play.

The River Queens got out of school later than anticipated Thursday, just 20 or so minutes before the meet was scheduled to start. That was because of the lockdown at Clinton High School for precautionary reasons.

"It was an interesting day today with the kids being on lockdown and not getting out when they're supposed to get out," head coach Cindy Rasche said. "That always causes a little stress."

Plus, the weather cut any hopes of an outdoor meet out of consideration. They moved indoors to the River Cities Tennis Association Indoor Complex in downtown Clinton. All the extra adversity was something Rasche hopes the girls can learn from.

"It's all good, you have to learn to deal with stress," Rasche said. "Sometimes when you're playing tennis it's chaotic. That's something you have to deal with, get your mind in check, focus and do what you need to do."

From there, it was quick work for the Queens, who haven't lost a match outside of a tournament yet.

Kaylee Camp beat Maria Engler 8-0. Abby Struble tok down Muscatine's Elise Finn 8-0 in No. 2 singles. MacKenzie Lange had no problems with Muski Azelyn Perkins with her 8-0 win. In No. 4 singles, Kylie Housenga downed Sophie Grady 8-0. Lacy Pickney defeated Shelby Grady 8-1. Cammi Bengtson rounded out the bagels with an 8-0 win over Ellie Storr at No. 6.

Muscatine, though, was made up of a younger roster.

"These guys graduated four of their top six," Rashce mentioned about the Muskies. "I thought they played really well for as young as they are, and our girls enjoyed playing them."

Camp and Struble paired up for an 8-0 win in No. 1 doubles, while Lange and Housenga picked up another 8-0 win at the No. 2 spot. The duo of Pickney and Lanie Schmitz beat their Muskie opponents 8-3.

Even if the opponent was a little easier, that didn't mean the River Queens weren't putting in work. Rasche says they use days like this to work on things that they may not always be able to work on against other competition.

"We tell them before they go out there, we want them to work on going to the net and being more aggressive with their approach shots," Rasche said. "Try to work on some skills that they need in the future when they're playing tougher opponents."

The River Queens gear up for a tough road match next Tuesday. They will travel to Bettendorf to take on Pleasant Valley, one of their few losses last year. The Spartans went 14-0 in the regular season last year.