Central DeWitt BOWL

The 2019-2020 Central DeWitt varsity bowling team

Central Dewitt bowling coach William Perdieu has been with the program 11 years – since the beginning.

Yet last year he had a first. He got to see a boys team qualify for state for the first time.

He’s had a total of four individual boys, four girls, three girls teams and now one boys team qualify and he’s looking to continue some of that success.

He did lose quite a bit to graduation last year, leaving him with just one varsity experienced bowler. He’s doing a lot of fundamentals, but that’s what they always focus on when training for the bowling season in DeWitt.

“That’s what we do all the time, every year, whether they’ve been there four years or not,” Perdieu.

He’s optimistic about the direction their heading in as well as the season looms.

“There’s a lot of excitement and wanting to learn. We’ve got some very good young talent that just came upm” Perdieu said. “I’m seeing a lot of good scores coming this year, just a matter of how long it takes them to gel.”

He’s looking to upperclassman Devin Mumm, Kaden Dammeier, and Eli Haack to step up.

“Those three are the ones I think will start the season off strong and really bring the game.”