Camryn Sattler

Clinton sophomore Camryn Sattler runs at the Iowa High School State Cross Country Championships on Friday morning in Fort Dodge, finishing 33rd in Class 4A.

FORT DODGE – Clinton sophomore Camryn Sattler didn’t necessarily get the result she wanted at the Class 4A state race on Friday morning, but it’s no doubt that she continues to prove herself to be a top cross country competitor.

“It wasn’t exactly what I wanted,” Sattler admitted. “But I’m really happy I keep improving.”

Sattler finished 33rd in the state on Friday at Lakeside Municipal Golf Course in Fort Dodge. In 2020, she finished 55th in Class 4A, jumping up 22 places.

“I went out perfect,” Sattler said. “I didn’t go too fast, didn’t go too slow and put myself in a good spot. The second mile, I ran with it.”

She also shaved 16 seconds off of her time from the previous year. Sattler crossed the finish line at 19:44.06. She finished her 2020 race in 20:00 flat, just in the top half of the 4A state field.

The winner of the Class 4A race Friday was Addison Dorenkamp from West Des Moines Valley, who clocked in at 17:55.

Sattler was the River Queens’ only state competitor this year and last. She earned first team all-conference honors in the Mississippi Athletic Conference Championships two weeks back and then grabbed her second consecutive state berth last week.

After qualifying as a freshman, Sattler set her sights on improving her standing in Class 4A. That included a tighter training regimen and more focus on the intricacies of her race.

“Over the summer, we did less mileage and put in a little more speed work,” Sattler said. “To make sure I was my best at the end of the season. I was a little iffy at the beginning, but I had full trust in my coaches. It was exactly what we wanted.”

She knows exactly where she wants to be in regards to the future of her high school cross country career- Sattler wants to be on the deck at Lakeside Municipal Golf Course receiving some hardware for her state efforts.

“I would take into [next year] just how much I want it,” Sattler said. “Going back each year, it just keeps reminding me why I put so much work in every single day. It’s motivating every year. It’s such a reward for everything you do.

“We still watch the awards ceremony every year and it’s showing me how much I want that.”

Clinton High School and the River King and Queen cross country team have been showing fan-fare all week in support of Sattler. That included shirts and posts and announcements to support her state trek.

“I love CHS so much,” Sattler said. “I love my cross country team. They are what motivates me to put in the work every single day. So many people texting me about them announcing my results or watching my results live. It’s really nice how supportive my school is and it gets me to work hard.”

Sattler will once again return as the leader of the River Queen cross country team, coming back in 2022 as an upperclassman. After two straight years of success and state appearances, she’s learning to trust in her talents and trust that she can compete at the top state levels.

“The biggest take away this year was to trust the process and have patience with myself,” Sattler said. “Really believe in myself. I am way faster, way stronger than I believe sometimes.”

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