The Camanche athletic department is changing hands, but it’s going into familiar hands.

Meg Schebler is back as the Indians’ activities director after a two-year hiatus. Schebler had served in a part-time role during the 2017-2018 school year previously before Brett Cline took over in 2018.

Now that the position is a full-time one and things have lined up, she’s back in Camanche.

“I’m very excited,” Schebler said. “I had such a great experience when I was there two years ago and the timing this time around is much, much better to be able to step back in and take it back and be able to be comfortable with the staff and with the whole Camanche community.”

Schebler served as the Athletic Director for Ashford University for nearly two decades before the school closed down, leaving her with plenty of experience as she stepped into the role at Camanche.

“When I left there in 2018, it was because I wasn’t able to work it at a full-time capacity at that time,” Schebler said. “In the last two years I was able to settle in with the changes that came my way.

“It was a very natural feel of homecoming to come back and step in.”

It’s a comfortable position in a familiar place, plus there are plenty of friendly faces. Schebler has a good relationship with principal Carrie Lane. She also worked with Clinton activities director Andy Eberhart during her time at Ashford. That means she has plenty of people to lean on for advice or support.

“The fact that I can knock on his door is a great feeling, too,” Schebler said.

Camanche has had a number of successful years in multiple sports strung together, and that’s sure to continue. While postseason success can mean extra challenges like additional travel, large crowds, postseason apparel and more she knows that the Camanche community is there.

It’s one thing she learned from her first round with the Indians. While she has her roles behind the scenes, she has a lot of parental figures who step up and take on some additional responsibilities when it comes to sports.

“I feel like the role for me is just to stay out of their way,” Schebler said. “Let the coaches do their thing, let the boosters do their thing. My job is to be the support that they need.

“It’s just providing the support and resources they need to keep being successful.”

Schebler knows she’s very excited, especially after all the issues with spring sports this last school year. It’s everyone’s hope that the fall sports seasons in Iowa are able to go off without a hitch.

And now she gets to be a part of a community that she cares about. She says Camanche is a unique place that offers a sense of closeness you can’t get everywhere.

“I think it’s that feeling of family,” Schebler said. “It’s that feeling of support. Whether you go to a football game or a band concert or a party in the park, it’s the feeling of family and support and that everybody is kind of in it together.

“My experience has been like a warm hug, it’s just been an outstanding feeling of home.”