Sports collage

T’was the night before Christmas and what do we see

But a quiet sports section, just two pages complete,

The teams and their coaches all resting their heads,

The referees and volunteers at home instead.

The holiday break has come to our home

And we wait and we wait, soon it’ll be done.

W'll see LJ Henderson and Bret Myli leading the Kings,

While Gandrup and Chapman rain threes for the Queens,

The Kings on the mat are under a new eye,

And underclassman are proving they can’t be passed by,

The bowlers impress day after day,

Nothing, it seems, will get in their way,

With senior day approaching and state on their minds,

The pins just keep falling time after time,

Josh Davis’ crew continues their climb in the state,

Cam Soenksen, Caleb Delzell, Carson Seeser await,

Hanna Nissen and Cam Carstensen try to find their groove,

Waiting to see Coach Erwin's words prove true,

Wrestlers keep winning and state is in their sights,

Crigger, Campie, Kinkaid and more in those fights,

And bowling is one of the Indians’ best sports,

They prove the excitement isn’t always on courts,

The POP boys try to raise their own clout

And the River Hawks are on their state rise without doubt,

Irish girls are in the win column once again,

Underclassman leading them to where they haven't been,

Easton Valley girls are improving day by day,

Sadie Zaruba and RaeAnn Carlson leading the way,

The Rebels are meshing and building their team

With young guns behind Dawson Stoll hitting those seams,

The Northeast girls are young and excited too,

Scott Maddasion waiting for the shots to go through,

The Steamer boys led by a sophomore point guard,

Their game improving with each play and each start,

The Fulton girls on their way to Chicago so soon,

Their play improving, Schipper setting the tune,

Eli Pannell got got his 100th win,

While the super young Steamers fight for every pin.

The community is ready for what is in store,

The prep athletes are ready and hungry for more.

Our sports section has reviewed each stat and each game,

And look at our schools, calling them each by name:

On Clinton, on Camanche on POP and Fulton,

On Northeast, on Easton Valley, on Unity Christian.

And as Nate Head and Carie Kuehn sign off for a day

We know our great sports are still here to stay,

So soon our pages will be full for our readers sights,

But for now Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!