Chloe Lindeman

Carie Kuehn/Clinton Herald

Yes, it's yet another Chloe Lindeman story. 

But that's because the Fulton senior thrower literally doesn't stop. She's an unbelievable athlete and an outstanding student. Year after year, season after season, meet after meet the girl is picking up more accolades. 

And that's just in the shot put ring. 

"I'm feeling pretty confident about my senior season," Lindeman said. "I started off pretty nicely, I'm excited to keep climbing."

Lindeman crushed her personal best early on in the season, launching the shot 48-09 in the first indoor meet of the year, qualifying her for the Illinois TopTimes Indoor Championship. Which, of course, she won. 

She then went on to win the New Balance National Indoor Championship, no big deal. 

Yes, big deal. After being the runner-up in her event freshman and sophomore year, Lindeman has gone on to claim title after title, and will be going for her second outdoor state title later this month. It wasn't something she necessarily expected when she entered the high school track and field scene. 

"It's a little surprising," Lindeman said. "It's more than I expected it to be."

She's certainly put in the work, including in the offseason, to get where she is now. She's competed both on the national level and internationally, including heading to Australia for the Down competition. 

That's definitely not where she stops. Lindeman has competed in basketball and softball athletically and made her mark on Fulton extracurricular activities. She's served as vice-president, co-president and now, president, of her class to exemplify her leadership skills. She participates in band, choir and show choir to show off some musicality. She also participates in the high school's stage productions, adding some thespian life to it all.

It's a lot to have on your plate, but you wouldn't know that talking to her. She's constantly a calm and positive force. 

"I really just try to keep a level head," Lindeman said.  "I try to keep that going with me and think about what I can do and what I cannot do."

 Plus, she's a joy to talk to. She'll talk to anyone and it's some of the most pleasant conversation you'll have. 

It's all coming closer and closer to the end, though, at least at Fulton High. There's just a couple weeks of track remaining, then Lindeman will join her classmates and get her diploma. 

Then, it's up north to join the Badgers at the University of Wisconsin. If you look at her resume, she's everything you would want out of a Division I recruit. 

But that means her Steamer red transitions to a Badger red, something that's in her mind as she gets closer to that point. 

"It really has hit me," Lindeman said about the thought of leaving high school life behind. "I know that I can't be sad while it's happening and I can't go back and redo things, so I need to do as much as I can while I'm still here."

But she's not alone. She has fellow seniors on the track team with her who have also experienced a slew of success in their time as Steamers. They're all working towards peaking in the next couple of weeks to make their own trips to the state meet. They also want to leave a foundation for the youth-filled track team they'll leave behind. 

"We're trying to leave behind, not necessarily instructions but guidelines, to do what you can, work hard, work on your level, and focus on yourself and not what others are doing," Lindeman said. 

The girls go for their state berths on Thursday, May 9 at Erie High School. Lindeman is definitely one to watch at that meet and in the future as a Division I athlete. 

"I'm just really thinking about everything comes full circle," Lindeman said.  "I'm excited to see what else I can leave behind for the school and leave a legacy."

And if you wanted to be like Chloe Lindeman, she has that advice that she's followed through her entire prep career:

"Be yourself, work hard, never give up."